Hard work yields miraculous outcomes in Neuro Specialized Rehabilitation

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MURRAY, Utah (ABC4 Utah)-- Against all odds clients are restoring their lives within a short time period at Intermountain Medical Center.Charise Hulse from Brigham City had not one, but two heart surgical treatments within a year. Each time they left her practically a quadriplegic. She had to re-learn simply about everything-- twice!"The first time, I keep in mind dangling off the bed limp, my head fell forward striking my chest, I was drooling due to the fact that I could not close my mouth,"stated Charise.Charise was born with a heart defect. 2 years back, physicians carried out life-saving open heart surgery, but it left her with profound weak point. She lost the capability to move, lost 50 pounds. She weighed just 87 pounds." Her body entered into shut down," stated Dr. Andrew Dodds.

"Yeah, I thought this was the end," said Charise.Then medical professionals stated they could do another surgical treatment, but that also came with problems.

"For eight days I was open chested ... for eight days, "said Charise. "As soon as once again I lost all muscle

movement therefore my chin struck my chest."As soon as once again, she was given the 12th floor at Intermountain Medical Center Neuro Specialized Rehab Center to see physical therapist Rachel Patrick."It was so unfortunate. We had actually done such excellent work," stated Rachel.They pushed through. Difficult work and time have actually enabled her heart to work again.

"If you took a look at her now ... no notion of when she was here,"said Dr.

Dodds.That comes close, if not, a true wonder."She makes me pleased a great pointer that exactly what I do in my job truly matters,"stated Rachel. "The improvement physically is amazing in her

cause. She never wavered in terms of being upbeat

. One might nearly say she is militantly warm and chirpy," said Dr. Dodds." Discover one little thing. Discover one little thing you can do today that you could not do yesterday and build on that, "said Rachel. "I seem like I got a third possibility on life which is cool," stated Charise.Charise is now back doing

the activities she enjoys, getting her master's degree and beginning a new task. In many cases, work doesn't end when they leave rehab, but continues months after.