House design trends for 2018

Houzz_5 Vintage Lighting House style site Houzz believes vibrant colors and intricate designs will be popular in 2018. Kimberley Bryan/ Houzz

kitchen areas

More color in kitchens

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Increasing the amount of color in your cooking area can provide it a warmer, more personal touch while likewise making cooking-related spots and damage less apparent.Rich colors throughout the

house Sea Pointe Building/ Houzz Focusing on color throughout the home can make

your furniture and ornamental products pop.No more white or stainless-steel sinks Sheila Mayden Interiors/ Houzz expects sinks made with materials like stone, copper, concrete, and granite to end up being popular in 2018

. Florals rebound Angela Flournoy/ Houzz

Floral prints have constantly been popular, but expect to see more floral styles that use contrasting colors.Vintage lighting Kimberley Bryan/ Houzz Classic lighting components, like aged copper pendant lights, are making a comeback.Trough or

pail sinks Designstorms/ Houzz

Trough sinks have the tendency to be broader and deeper than the sinks that are most common today, that makes them a good choice for restrooms shared in between kids or laundry rooms.Concrete accents Alexandra Crafton/ Houzz While concrete is a typical building material, it may end up being more popular in ornamental contexts.Millwork feature walls and detailing Michaela Dodd/ Houzz Wood walls with designs engraved into them have been popular in bathrooms and kitchens, however anticipate to see them in bed rooms more frequently.Wallpaper-like backsplash Rachel Loewen Photography/ Houzz Detailed tile styles

can add an engaging compositional element to a wall while being more damage-resistant than wallpaper.Casual and calm modern bedrooms Nanette Wong/ Houzz Minimalist styles and relaxing colors will make bedrooms more peaceful and relaxing spaces.