This 4-Year-Old Kid Is Your New Exercise Motivation

As winter season comes down, are you having a hard time to get your butt off the sofa? Well, while you’e enjoying Gilmore Girls re-runs and downing mac ‘n’ cheese, this young lady is redefining strength, decision and breaking out of any identified box than the world sticks you in.

The beautiful golden goddess’s tagline has the hashtag #stronggirlstrongworld, and she’s empowering women all over the world to be more powerful inside and out.

Her name is Princess P, and she’s a beast at CrossFit and gymnastics. She’s four years old, and she’s likewise four feet tall. However do not judge her off the bat due to the fact that of her age or size– she’s more outstanding than adults who are two times her size.

At simply 4 years old, this woman is an inspiration. When she was just a young child, she mastered dumbbell snatches, and 10 pull-ups, in addition to a 22-inch box dive. She is a role design due to both her drive and determination, showing that anybody can accomplish something if they put their mind to it.

Now, part of Princess P’s inspirational aspect may be due to the fact that her papa is James Townsend, previous Chicago Bears broad receiver. He co-owns the AUTUMO CrossFit box, which Princess P might constantly be found at (even as a young child).

People who are haters on kids training can easily see that Princess P is simply doing what she love and exactly what makes her pleased. And we’re sure it also bonds her with her athletic papa!

People have to understand that fast food is even worse for kids than CrossFit when approached in a safe method. Obviously training kids irresponsibly is something to raise awareness about, but CrossFit itself isn’t really a danger to kids.

It’s just a way for kids to start establishing balance, coordination, and strength at a young method, the exact same that gymnastics class or being on the soccer group would.

The title’CrossFit princess” itself is a badass new synonym for gamine with a dosage of goddess, and we cannot CrossFit enough of it. Plus, the videos of her exercising with her daddy are quite darn cute and will melt your heart– like daddy like daughter!

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