Chai Point brews a strong case for innovation which assists bring you the ideal cup of tea

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Countless years of history and culture consisted of in a cuppa– the story of tea is something the majority of us are familiar with. Today, the beverage with which millions all over the world begin their day is, like almost everything else, getting a touch of technology. Smart machines that utilize ultrasonic waves and radio-frequency recognition (RFID) tags to brew the ideal cup of tea are in the works and could soon become de riguer.

Chai drinking is a ritual in India and our vision is to be a part of this ritual for wise residents,” says Amuleek Singh, CEO and founder of Chai Point.Blend of tradition andinnovation Chai Point initially began operations in in

2010 through retail outlets, mainly in tech parks, which housed their target audience that was trying to find alternatives to the tepid tea readily available at the workplace vending device. “We understood that we have to supply quality and consistency, in addition to benefit and availability, to stay appropriate. Our omni-channel organisation is powered by technology, which is utilized to effectively manage our supply chain, along with our customer experience, “states Amuleek.He explains how they do this. With their proprietary Shark point of sale(PoS)system, they manage whatever– from placing orders, gathering payments, catching customer info, handling the supply chain, gathering actionable insights, and viewing reports. They began the Chai-on-Call service to address the space for those not in the province of the retailers. Orders from the web/app along with aggregators circulation into the Shark PoS system, are processed and delivered using the in-house delivery app, Shuttle bus, which optimises delivery time. Shark likewise acts as a platform to record customer details, such as their spending capability, and create individual methods for each customer.Brewing on the Cloud In 2016, they began their Web of Things(IoT )enabled company called Under this, the tea and coffee dispensers from Chai Point are geared up with wise gadgets, which are connected to the Cloud. These gadgets catch signals from the vending makers and send out real- time information to the Cloud which, in turn, is directed to the clients through a client relationship management(CRM )dashboard. All this is powered at the backend through their proprietary Shark platform.”We process these signals into viewable formats and supply vital insights to our clients. These signals contain details such as the units of beverages gave, consumption patterns and customer preferences.

Utilizing this data, we likewise recommend maximum brewing and flushing cycles, therefore guaranteeing that the quality of beverages is maintained consistently,” says Amuleek. Another exclusive technology developed by Chai Point is a maker discovering engine, Shark ML, which predicts need at retail shops as well as in the business. This helps in stock preparation and management at warehouses, shops, and customer places

. It also helps them anticipate and avoid loss of revenue. According to Amuleek, “The biggest issue that the food and drink market deals with today is repair work and maintenance, which hampers consumer experience and causes income loss. We wish to remove this problem even prior to it occurs. We have set up predictive as well as real-time error codes into our machines. In case of an issue, these mistake codes are communicated to our Central Command Centre Group and a service engineer is assigned to the facility at the earliest, therefore decreasing the downtime, if not eliminating it completely.”Over-stocking and pilferage are other issues that prevail in their type of work. To treat this, the boxC machines are equipped with an app through which center managers can order basic materials from Chai Point as and when required. “In turn, we evaluate all data points captured and provide our clients insights into whether they are consuming the appropriate amount of basic materials. Alternatively, they can use the Shark ML platform to calculate the optimal purchasing value based on elements such as their previous usage, holidays, and changes in weather condition,”he says, and goes on to add, “This intelligence is exactly what, we think, separates our service from the competitors.”The future of the drinks market Amuleek attributes a HALF year on year development to their extensive technology-based practices.”With maker knowing powering our supply chain, we have actually been able to lower wastage by half and increase our earnings. With automation owning many of our internal processes, we conserve male hours in every function and department

. All this is crucial for a company to grow and flourish in the long run, “he says.In reality, he goes as far as to state that technologies such as are the future of drink dispensing, which will use up a big portion of the Rs 1 lakh crore plus market. While confessing that innovation is their crucial differentiator, Amuleek likewise worries on the importance of the human element:”Ours is a service-oriented market. Engaging with customers is essential for any business to stay appropriate in the area they are operating

in. Everyone, from our Chai Partners and our Shipment Partners, recognises this. However this does not undermine that we wish to end up being a more technology and process-heavy company and less individuals dependent.””Innovation is not an add-on, or elegant feature above the core offering; rather it is an enabler to efficiently provide the core offering to the consumer. More individuals are moving away from brick-and-mortar stores, every cell phone is a PoS system, the earnings share of e-wallets is higher than ever and clients not avoiding sharing their information or feedback. At Chai Point, we weave all this into a single offering and provide a seamless experience. We can with confidence say that chai won’t be the same without innovation powering it, “he signs off.How Vodafone Organisation Solutions can assist businesses such as Chai Point Vodafone’s Digital Engagement Platform, a proprietary analytics tool, can assist filter target customers into pertinent groups and create tailored messages with deals for each customer segment for improved ROI Using IoT sims, robust connection and portable card swipe machines, payments at customer’s facilities can be enabled Reputable connectivity for PoS terminals Customised movement solution for smooth order processing and delivery for food and drink outlets, both online and throughthe phone