SpotMini, the current robotic pet dog from Boston Characteristics

Tiny RoboBee flies, swims, and launches itself from water back into the air

The millimeter-scale RoboBee can fly, dive into water, swim around, and then remove into the air once again. At simply 175 milligrams, it’s 1,000 times lighter than any other aerial-to-aquatic robotic. Designed at Harvard’s microrobotics lab, the RoboBee is outfitted with 4 small “floaties” and a chamber that transforms water into oxyhydrogen, fuel that combusts […]

Syndaver: A$95K animatronic cadaver that’s replacing med-school corpses

The Syndaver is a super-realistic robotic human corpse simulator with changeable viscera that med students can dissect once again and once again, freeing them to utilize the donated bodies of people who willed their remains to science for med school pranks, like sneaking them into the alumni supper in a tuxedo.

Sky diving robot to catch video of skydivers

The Freefall Electronic Camera (FFC) is a robotic that can be tossed out of a plane to autonomously track and capture video of skydivers doing techniques. At a predetermined altitude, the robot pops its steerable parachute and lands near specified GPS collaborates. The University of Nottingham researchers who developed the Freefall Cam presented their work at […]

Have a look at some excellent present concepts for techies

Think it or not, the holiday season is simply about here, and to assist ease your gifting stress and anxiety, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite tech products from the Boing Shop. And to sweeten the deal, you can take an extra 15% off any of these items when you utilize coupon code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout. […]

You can save over $150 on the TREBLAB X11 wireless earphones

The Treblab X11 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones deliver exceptional noise and cordless efficiency. They’re generally offered in the shop for $41.99 (lowered from $199.99 MSRP), but today you can get them for $36.99 as part of our Doorbusters week. Regarding be expected from any high-end set of earbuds, these include a built-in mic for taking […]

How to boost your vocabulary and triple your reading speed

You can certainly increase the breadth of your vocabulary gradually by checking out continuously, and you’ll most likely even get a bit quicker if you do it long enough. However there’s a more structured method to become a much better reader: Vocab1 and 7 Speed Reading EX. These 2 apps can vastly improve your abilities without compromising […]

This sophisticated pup from Boston Characteristics triggered in me, for just a minute, the uncanny recognition of computer system graphics. It isn’t really rendered: it’s a genuine device, satisfying a brand-new limit of fluid motion that turns my skepticism in on itself. Rather of being practically tricked into thinking something fake is genuine, I’m almost fooled into thinking something real is fake.