The Rock thanks team that establishes his 40,000 pounds of exercise equipment at every film set

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson works out a lot, as you most likely already know. He provided fans an appearance at his everyday exercise this previous March.But did you

know that he brings his own equipment with him to movie shoots? The Rock does not simply utilize whatever gym remains in the location. He has a crew established heaps of equipment in a giant camping tent all over he goes. In a video thanking that team, he states it’s a total of more than 40,000 pounds of “twisted steel, sexual magnetism and heartache” that he calls his “Iron Paradise.”

Caution: NSFW language in video

My final day in Vancouver … sending out a substantial thank you to the numerous hard working crew responsible for always establishing my #IronParadise aka my traveling carnival in every area I movie at. 40,000 pounds of take and iron. I can preserve and construct upon an insane work schedule, but just due to having my anchor ready to go every early morning at 5am. Grateful to the bone. Thank you men. #MyAnchor #TravelingIronCarnival #HouseOfFreaks ☠ A post shared

by therock (@therock) on

Every morning at 5 a.m. he goes to his Iron Paradise to put work in, and he says that having the weights with him prevents him from comprising excuses to not work out.The Rock likewise exposed in September that he does not take restroom breaks during his workouts. If he has to go, he pees in a bottle– yes, really, that’s what he says in the video listed below.

Update: our new highly prepared for #ProjectRock USDNA @underarmour collection drops this VETERANS DAY honoring our warrior men and ladies of our United States MILITARY. And yeah if I have to pee while working out I’ll do it in a bottle. I’m that kinda person. Simply finish the job. A post shared by therock

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