Updated Laguna Beach House Interior Decoration Remodel

 dark bar room decor

photography by Amy Bartlam Here’s one method you can tell you have actually made it: You have a real-life, internal, full-on-adult bar space.

“Our bar upstairs is my preferred part without a doubt,” says homeowner Leslie Bruce. “I was inspired by Jesse DeSanti of Jette Creative. The duo generated fresh coats of paint and lively accent colors to produce a home that feels minimal and practical, yet still warm and comfortable.

 contemporary kitchen renovation

photography by Amy Bartlam “There was a great deal of bringing in different textures and patterns and color choices,” says Bruce, who points to Pinterest as a primary source of inspiration for the style. “For example in the cooking area, I truly desired to opt for a cooler blue and Jesse felt that warming it up with pops of orange would feel like there are kids that reside in that space and are comfortable, but likewise still seem like my basic visual.”

white marble kitchen decor

photography by Amy Bartlam Her basic visual– clean, zen, and minimal– has a lot to do with the reality that she constantly stabilizes motherhood with running a business. Mixing those 2 full-time tasks breeds the requirement for a relaxing decoration visual– and a purposefully laid out floor plan.In this house, the tactically thought-out design consists of situating the cooking area next to her daughter’s playroom (so she can monitor her little one throughout the day) and turning exactly what used to be the upstairs cooking area partly into a dedicated office (so she has a quiet, separate workspace).

 neutral playroom

photography by Amy Bartlam”For me, having a small human, I wanted [the kitchen] to be downstairs where we would eventually do the playroom, and where I could be cooking supper and see her playing nearby,” states Bruce. “I spend the bulk of my time in the cooking area and that has the tendency to be the central hub of the home.”

 little girls closet decor

photography by Amy Bartlam Aside from ensuring that the overall aesthetic remained neat and tranquil (“I want it to feel really, really clean because my life feels so disorderly!”), the flooring was another priority for Bruce.

“I right away wished to alter the floorings,” she says of the something topping her style wishlist. “Given that we’re by the beach, the wood would broaden, so we wound up choosing a faux wood– discovering actually gorgeous floors that dealt with my pet dogs and my toddler was a substantial concern.”

 bright, modern living room

photography by Amy Bartlam

contemporary bright dining room

photography by Amy Bartlam

photography by Amy Bartlam photography by Amy Bartlam And the pale, neutral color design serves another purpose: Aside from making whatever feel tidy and cohesive, it also keeps the possibility for future family growth open.

 guest room neutral decor

photography by Amy Bartlam”We desired it to feel like a natural extension of our living space,” describes Bruce of the downstairs guest space and playroom area. “We didn’t desire the colors to feel too contrasting; we desired it to feel special, and keep it gender-neutral in case we want to expand our household.”