WINNERS: Bashar al-Assad fulfills Vladimir Putin in Russia

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has travelled to the Russian city Sochi for meetings with President Vladimir Putin.During public

declarations, Putin congratulated President al-Assad on a victory against terrorism, which in the context of protecting Syria’s peace and unity is almost total. He mentioned that while terrorism is an international problem that continues to refer seriousness, “. As far as our joint battle against terrorists in Syria is worried, this military operation is really coming to an end”.

Vladimir Putin likewise praised the Astana peace talks as paying the way for greater de-escalation of the dispute which it self will lead to a final political settlement.Bashar al-Assad mentioned that

he invites dialogue with any parties committed to the peace and integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic and praised the favorable function that Russia has played in this respect.The Syrian President even more specified,” Over this duration, terrific

success has been accomplished,

both directly on the battleground and in political terms. Lots of locations of Syria have been freed from terrorists, and Syrians who were forced to leave them earlier could go back to these locations”.”President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, buddies, Thanks for visiting Sochi.

Let me praise you on Syria’s outcomes in combating terrorist groups as well ason the truth that the Syrian individuals, regardless of a very hard ordeal, are gradually moving to the final and inescapable defeat of the terrorists.Mr President, as you understand, I will fulfill with my coworkers– the presidents of Turkey and Iran– here in Sochi the day after tomorrow. We have agreed to hold extra consultations with you during our meeting. Obviously, the primary subject on the agenda is a peaceful and long lasting political settlement in Syria after the routing of the terrorists.As you understand, in addition to the partners I have actually discussed we are also working closely together with other countries, such as Iraq, the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. We preserve continuous contact with these partners.I would like to

talk with you about the fundamental concepts of the political procedure and the Syrian National Discussion Congress, the idea which you have actually supported. I would like to hear your opinions on the existing scenario and development potential customers and your views on the political process, which must ultimately be executed under the UN auspices. We also hope that the UN will join the [political] procedure at its final stage.I am happy to see you. Welcome to Russia.President of Syria Bashar al-Assad(retranslated ): Thank you very much, Mr President.I am extremely pleased to have this opportunity to meet you 2 years and several weeks after Russia launched an extremely successful operation.Over this period, we have attained significant success both on the battlefield

and on the political track. Lots of areas in Syria

have been freed from Valery Gerasimov for their direct involvement in this operation.The meeting is substantial in the following methods:1. A clear message to the geo-political challengers of President al-Assad and the Arab Socialist Ba’ath celebration The United States, numerous EU states, Saudi Arabia and Israel continue to use public declarations about desiring President al-Assad got rid of from power. Russia has actually constantly openly stated that problems determining Syria’s leadership are internal matters to be decided bythe Syrian people.In truth, today’s meeting is public recognition that Moscow’s understanding of Syria runs far much deeper than anodyne declarations that Russian diplomats often give up worldwide online forum. Russia has shown a clear understanding that President al-Assad is a unifying figure among patriotic, anti-extremist, anti-sectarian Syrians which it is his leadership along with his colleagues in the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, who are best geared up to lead a last peace procedure with aid from allies like Russia.The meeting likewise acknowledges that President al-Assad is an authentic partner of Russia and that Russia understands it will be dealing with President al-Assad for the foreseeable future when it pertains to Syrian issues.This means that while the US and its allies can and likely will continue to disparage Presidental-Assad, that Russia and al-Assad are not going anywhere.2. The United States, Jordan and Saudi

Arabia are basically helpless in regard

of forming the events in Syria Throughout his conference with President al-Assad, President Putin said that

he will soon perform conversations with the management of the United States, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. This will come in the kind of call, while he has fulfilled face to face with President al-Assad and will quickly conduct in person meetings with both President Hassan Rouhani of Iran and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.This serves to plainly develop the worldwide pecking order in the Syrian peace procedure. Russia is the undisputed global leader and it is one which appreciates the sovereignty and dignity of the Syrian Arab Republic and Syrian President. In conference with President al-Assad prior to his coworkers from Iran and Turkey, President Putin is plainly showing his dedication to a Syrian lead, settlement.By then consulting with Iran and Turkey, Putin is also suggesting that after Russia, these are the countries that will have the most affect over a settlement in Syria: Iran because it has been a veteran Syrian partner in security and cooperation and Turkey, due to the fact that Turkey is a nation that for the majority of the war was on the opposite, however has actually now welcomed the Russian proposed Astana peace talks and has actually indicated dedications to the long-lasting territorial unity of Syria.While Turkey and Syria continue to have conflicts, it was constantly going to be needed at some degree to deal with a cooperative power from the’opposite’. Turkey’s intensified relationships with Russia and Iran have actually served to make Turkey such a cooperative power, even

as many presumed that a Trump led United States would be that power. As it turns out, United States policy on Syria has actually not altered, however Turkish policy has. Turkey has actually for that reason been rewarded with an area at the peace table while the US, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are simply looking in from the exterior. The US may still have the ability to influence occasions inside Syria in regard to Kurdish militants, however this too will likely

be off-set by Turkey whose anti-Kurdish position in Syria puts Ankara and Damascus on the very same page.3. The US/Saudi/Israeli design of proxy wars with the goal of routine change passed away in Syria In 2011, when the United States fired up a proxy dispute in Syria which saw foreign fighters, foreign weapons and substantial quantities of Gulfi money flow into Syria, few people believed that in 2017, Syria would be on the edge of damaging the proxy terrorist forces which the Syrian President and federal government would be stronger and more popular than ever.This is now the reality and it is due to both Syrian resilience, strong Arabist management from the Arab Socialist Ba’ath party, and Russia’s commitment to assist her Syrian ally win the battle.Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and other volunteers have actually demonstrated that the ‘regime change ‘steamroller can be stopped. This legacy will continue to haunt the US

and its allies for numerous years to come, all while supplying a source of motivation for nations who are bullied by Washington.

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