Employing patterns in Kuala Lumpur

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< img alt="ExpatFinder KL Task Market Lead Image"height=358 src= width=630 > The latest APAC Job Opportunities Report 2017 by hasdiscovered that the task market in Kuala Lumpur is currently dominated by sales and marketing positions -accounting for 19.9%of offered jobs. This is a minor rise from last year’s report when the figure was at 19.1%. Demand for those in finance has actually dropped considerably from 14.8%(

in 2016)to 7.4%(in 2017). The need for entry and top-level employees is greater in Kuala Lumpur than some other cities as these comprise 5.2% of the advertised sales and marketing jobs. On the other hand, positions in aviation and agriculture comprise simply 0.07%and 0.04%of vacancies respectively.On the other hand, last year saw personnels experts being the most sought-after in Singapore with jobs in this industry represented 14.0%of advertisements. The figure has actually dropped to 2.8%this year.Conversely, the demand for consultancy and management workers has actually grown -from 10.3%(in 2016)to 22.1% (in 2017). According to ExpatFinder: “This is now the industry with the most jobs in Singapore”. 99.9 %of task chances in the specialists and management field are for middle-level professionals with the staying 0.1% promoted for top-level specialists. On the other end, food procedure and factory employees are

the least in demand -comprising just 0.01 %of jobs.Similarly for Hong Kong, the existing demands remain in the consultancy and management, sales and marketing, and interaction sectors-which integrate to represent 54.5% of vacancies in the country.Conversely, the relative number of finance jobs offered has actually dropped substantially.

Inning accordance with the report, this might maybe be due to the recent explosion in the industry. Of the vacancies in the newly sought-after consultancy and management sector; simply 0.7% of positions are for entry and

top-level staff as companies planning to swell their ranks with skilled professionals.On a regional scale, this year’s report has seen human resources drop out of the top 5 most sought-after industries across APAC, to be changed by the interactions sector. The other industries in the top five including consultancy and management, sales and marketing, financing, and innovation have

all stayed thanks to the continuous need for experienced experts throughout the region. Lead Photo/ ExpatFinder Tables/ ExpatFinder