Guy spots subtle check in I’m A Star challenge that “recommends it’s absolutely phony”

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I’m A Celebrity 2017 is forming up to be a monumental year. Yesterday’s :”It’s to do with focal length of the lens used from the helicopter, if it was phony this program wouldn’t still be going after more than 10 years.” Allie Brown wrote:”This specific scene was absolutely not fake. I work in a high increase next to it where we watched the set be developed and the entire recording happen. It was recorded on top of a building called focus in the Gold Coast “. And Chris Aubrey included:”OK no matter that the 100 or so other shots and electronic camera angles look legit, due to the fact that of this one slightly odd looking shot, the entire program is fake and has been right from day 1?! Not exactly what I would call frustrating proof … “Mirror Online has actually called ITV for comment.

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