‘BoycottSanFrancisco’ hashtag patterns, criticism flies after Kate Steinle verdict

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The web caught fire after the surprise innocent verdict in the Kate Steinle murder case. Feelings ran hot on Twitter with lots of users backing up the a hashtag reading ‘BoycottSanFrancisco’ to voice their criticism and at times disgust.
Here are some strong responses from Twitter:

A lot of the tweets required justice for the Steinle family:

— Cami (@ctrm045) #BoycottSanFrancisco– Matthew Young(@chesswiz77) December 1, 2017

MESSAGE SENT: If u go to San Francisco, unlawful immigrants can weapon u down, (even if they were deported a 100 times), & & they will get off scot-free.!.?.!— Bruce Novozinsky(@BruceNovozinsky) December 1, 2017 A few tweets even argued that Trump’s border wall

ought to include California:– Raven (@Silverorbust ) December 1, 2017

— MikeyPoo’s Games (@mikeypoosgames)

December 1, 2017 Click on this link to recall at the events of the Kate Steinle murder trial.

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