Jessica Clarke model on reality of the fashion industry

For lots of girls, the modelling market is an attractive world filled with perfect figures, million dollar estates and wardrobes most can just dream of.

New Zealand born Victoria’s Secret design, Jessica Clarke, states this is just’fantasy’. Speaking With Daily Mail Australia, the 24-year-old London-based based charm, who has strolled from a few of the world‘s most elite style homes, exposed an honest insight into the trillion-dollar industry from her own experiences.’So lots of individuals are attempting to meet the expectations of the style industry

and it just has to be known that it is dream, there’s airbrushing, there’s $20,000 gowns,’Jessica told Daily Mail Australia. Jessica Clarke (visualized)is a global design who has strolled for Victoria’s Secret The 24-year-old revealed

what really goes on in the fashion industry after her own experiences’Those designs you see on the catwalk resemble athletes, they truly do put loads of work into appearing like that, they don’t simply wake up

like that, nobody simply wakes up like that.’We train actually hard, we consume healthy which’s all part of the task.’ Think who! Victoria’s Secret design is