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Our Top 5 Bitcoin “Excellent News” Stories of 2017

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When the history of Bitcoin and blockchains is composed, 2017 will be the year tagged as the”turning point”when Bitcoin and “red hot”blockchain technology went mainstream. The steadily increasing bitcoin rate and market cap is an essential, though not the just, sign that a tipping point has been reached.

Regardless of chaos like ICOs being banned in China and South Korea, cryptocurrencies in basic coming under examination in other nations, and internal departments and infighting in the Bitcoin community, the price of bitcoin continued its constant trend up, accelerating in the last few months of 2017 despite naysayers.

The following were a few of Bitcoin Publication’s most popular” good news” stories from 2017– just a little sample of the many advancements that illuminated this exceptional year.

5. Philanthropy Lives on the Blockchain 2017 saw good news from Bitcoiners who headed outIn October 2017, not-for-profit BitGive itself introduced its beta version of GiveTrack, a blockchain-based platform that enables donors to contribute bitcoin to charitable causes and track those donations in real-time.

At the end of 2017, hearts also connected to Andreas Antonopoulos, who had not had the ability to hold on to his early bitcoins as he worked for years to advocate on behalf of the Bitcoin community. Bitcoiners sent donations of more than 100 BTC, worth about$1.7 million at the time, to show their appreciation for his years of devotion to the Bitcoin cause.< h4 dir=ltr design =line-height:1.38; margin-top:14 pt; margin-bottom:10 pt; > 4. DragonMint Helps Make Mining More Decentralized As Bitcoin mining becomes more challenging, it’s

likewise ending up being more centralized around a few bigger companies that have adequate capital, the latest equipment and access to trustworthy energy sources. An approximated 70 percent of hash power produced on the network today is produced by Bitmain for their own or affiliated mining pools.< p dir= ltr style =line-height:1.38; margin-top:0 pt; margin-bottom:10 pt; > In 2017, to provide some competition and shock the marketplace, Halong Mining launched the DragonMint 16T, with newly

created chips producing 16 terahashes per second. It claims to be 30 a user-activated soft fork (UASF) so that users could set a due date for imposing the brand-new rules rather of having the miners activate the soft fork.

< p dir=ltr style=line-height:1.38; margin-top:0 pt; margin-bottom:10 pt; > A variety of elements

contributed to SegWit’s launch, including its successful release on Litecoin, the AsicBoost controversy and the controversial New York Agreement. The rising cost of bitcoin can be attributed, at least in part, to SegWit’s successful integration into Bitcoin’s core software in 2017. 2. Regulators Authorize Noting Bitcoin Futures as Mainstream Investments

U.S. regulators just recently approved approval for two mutual fund to list and trade bitcoin, making 2017 the year that mainstream futures markets first accepted bitcoin as a genuine financial investment.

The world’s biggest derivatives marketplace operator, CME Group Inc. released bitcoin futures trading on December 18. Launching bitcoin futures trading in 2017 were Cboe Futures Exchange and Cantor Exchange, bringing financial investment in bitcoin to the fore.

1. Rate of Bitcoin Reaches$10,000 and Beyond Despite a year of turmoil and department, bitcoin reached a major milestone, breaking through the $10,000 barrier and rising above that in current weeks.

At the time of publishing, bitcoin was trading at around $14,500, more than 10 times its worth at the start of the year. Exactly what some have (most likely mistakenly)called a bubble does not appear all set to burst anytime quickly. The existing bitcoin market cap, the value of all bitcoin around, is

$247 billion, even greater than such business as GE, Goldman Sachs and UBS Group, along with nations like New Zealand, Algeria, Iraq and Romania.The postOur Top 5 Bitcoin”Good News”Stories of 2017 appeared first on Bitcoin Publication.

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