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Robber invests 4 hours on company owner’s residential or commercial property, escapes w.

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GRANITE CITY, Il (– A Granite City burglar definitely took his time when he burglarized a service, spending nearly four hours on the property.Mike Antonovich, owner of Mike’s Car Sales, went through the security footage, and saw the burglar spent more than an hour attempting to get in.”He pried on this overhead door here dealt with the

overhead door for over an hour,”Antonovich said.The think never got through the overhead garage door, however after working

for another 45 minutes, got in through a 2nd door.Security video camera video reveals the suspect walking in and spending the next couple hours inside the

garage.At one point he wheels a bike through the store, realizes there’s no room to obtain it to the door so he raises it

up and drags it across the hood of a cars and truck.”Trigger it was the only escape from so lots of automobiles in this garage,”Antonovich said.”And tore the hood and fenders up.

“The burglar wheeled the motorcycle exterior and packed it into a 2005 Dodge Durango which he also stole.In addition to taking the Durango and the Honda bike, he snatched about 70 keys for the cars on the lot.”The one night I left ’em out is the night he came and he got ’em. You ‘d think it’s not gon na happen,” Antonovich said.He included

that to offer a vehicle, he needs to employ a locksmith. While there is a lot of video of the suspect, the guy was using a mask.

It appears to be either an” anonymous “mask or the mask from the

motion picture “Scream. ” Antonovich states he believes the male wanted the bike, as he stole a couple tires for the bike along with a couple tools.Now,

Antonovich is asking individuals to be on the lookout for the Dodge Durango and states he ‘d sure like his keys back.

He’s even using a benefit.”Somebody understands something please call me and I’ll make it worth your while,” he said.


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