Janelle Monae obsessed with robotics?

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Janelle Monae is obsessed with the fast advancement of technology in society and is particular there will come a time in the near future when people will soon be not able to distinguish in between robots and humans.The 32-year-old

singer-and-actress can see innovation advancing at a fast rate and she is sure there will come a point when society needs to choose whether to “oppress” androids or let them live harmoniously alongside humans.Speaking in the brand-new problem of Anr, she said,” Innovation is moving at a faster and quicker rate every year and, soon, we will not have the ability to differentiate in between a robot talking to us and a human. To me, the question is, are we going to aim to oppress the android or are we going to find out who we can all get along?”

And Janelle, who plays an android in “Autofac,” an approaching episode of sci-fi anthology series “Electric Dreams”– thinks robotics in fiction are frequently a metaphor for those who are marginalized in the world.She said,”

Whether it be an immigrant, or an individual in the LGBTQ neighborhood, African Americans, Muslims, women– we understand that people in minority groups are typically marginalized, and some are even eliminated, since of who they are or who they enjoy or what god they opt to serve. I think the android is the new ‘other’, the brand-new outcast.

“And like anything that is new, that is integrating into society, that makes it the minority and a few of us might be fearful about exactly what that implies for our world.”

The Hidden Figures actress is a “substantial fan” of the HBO series “Westworld,” which depicts humans utilizing and abusing androids for their own satisfaction, and is captivated by the moral concerns it throws up about society.She stated,”I am a big fan of ‘Westworld’ which is asking you comparable questions. It isn’t really beating you over the head with it, it isn’t really saying, be frightened. But it is asking, how can we link? How can we be a more inclusive society? How can we all co-exist worldwide.”

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