Japan’s remarkable family pet clothing trends: Mobile kotatsu for cats, hotdog knapsack for pet dogs

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Japan’s love affair with the rarely fails to impress.And now in the nick of time for New Year and the winter, we have the Katatsu Mobile Kotatsu Cat Table. While not an actual kotatsu (a table with a heater and blanket)– or as outstanding as the Family Pet Clothes.

We love the ever-evolving world of saving their old teeth too!)

Still, perhaps absolutely nothing beats the a lot of these types of bags and products for assisting your pet in an earthquake or catastrophe).

And for less “crazy” products, there are smart tools for tidying up family pet hair and even stylish “architecture for dogs”. Saying that, the duckbill-shaped Quack Face Pet Muzzle: Japanese pet security motivated by duck costs

Secure your keyboard versus cats with this special cover
Shiraseru Am: a smartphone-integrated wearable family pet habits and health tracking gadget

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