Burger-flipping robotic makes launching at California junk food chain

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At the CaliBurger in Pasadena, CA, the grill is now being “manned” by a robot named Flippy.But human employees aren’t being totally changed right now. Through artificial intelligence, Flippy learns from a colleague who fills the grill with raw patties and then lets the robot mostly take over. A colleague is also needed to add cheese to burgers, because Flippy hasn’t discovered that ability yet either. KTLA-TV covered Flippy’s debut, and tested the fruits of the robotic’s labor ahead of its very first full-time shift, which starts Monday.John Miller, CEO of Cali Group which runs CaliBurger, told KTLA that the significance of item consistency

was the driving force behind executing the new technology, saying that soon “anytime you enter into a CaliBurger anywhere you understand that the patty will be prepared precisely the very same.”Having Flippy take over the grill cook position will also conserve the chain money in turnover expenses and increase employee safety.Miso Robotics developed Flippy, providing the base model starting at $60,000. The company’s CEO and co-founder, David Zito informed KTLA that”this innovation is not about replacing tasks– we see Flippy as the 3rd hand. “He included “The kitchen area of the future will constantly have people in it, but we see that kitchen area as having individuals and robotics. “Flippy can recognize and monitor the food on the grill using thermal imaging, and has the ability to produce as numerous as 300 hamburgers per hour. The robot immediately changes spatulas and cleans up the grill, ensuring food safety.Increases in the minimum wage and a more requirement for automation are the driving forces behind evidence that robots will be changing more and more workers ‘tasks. Financier’s Business Daily indicate that California’s base pay is set to constantly reach hit the$15 an hour mark by 2022, and employers have actually reacted to those wage increases with steps to offset them.Chains like Wendy’s and McDonald’s started replacing human employees with self-service buying kiosks years earlier. However an added factor for CaliBurger” employing”Flippy as a grill cook is to make use of

their workers in other positions that aren’t as grueling.”It’s not a fun job– it’s hot, it’s greasy, it’s dirty,”stated Miller.

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