Fans Concerned For BTS Jungkook After Sudden Weight Loss

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BTS‘s Jungkook has actually released a brand-new cover, “All My Life” by Park Won, but the video has triggered some concern.As constantly, A.R.M.Y was thrilled to hear the maknae’s angelic vocals, however the video triggered speculation about Jungkook’s health. Fans are stressed that he has actually lost too much weight. Your web browser does not support video.Up previously, the singer has been BTS’s physically greatest member, and among the healthiest. In these images, Jungkook’s face appears thinner and more angular than in the past. Your internet browser does not support video.Jungkook singing”We Do not Talk Any Longer”by Charlie Puth in 2017 …

Your web browser does not support video … versus Jungkook singing”All of My Life”. Your browser does not support video.The lighting and video quality are similar in these videos, but Jungkook may be a little extended in”All My Life”, due to it being a verticle video.BTS is used to crammed schedules and long hours, but with this album release turning up, fans worry the members might need more rest.Jungkook, you’ve slimmed down … I hope that you feel excellent and it does not affect yourhealth … I understand that you are getting ready for a camback, however take care of yourself.

I can not stay close and take care of you, so take good care of yourself @BTS_twt!.?.!— MADE IN 1997(@InspiredDariy) February 27, 2018 Is it me or Jungkook lost weight?I know it’s for the resurgence but he is really more skinny than before.I hope he doesn’t overdo. He must eat more and sleep more.Seriously, it’s 5 remain in Korea!Go to sleep, Jungkook! #iHeartAwards #BTSARMY #BestFanArmy @BTS_twt!.?.!— YOONGI BDAY IS COMING(@cyoonlove) February27, 2018 Because BTS’s 2013 debut

, Jungkook has matured a lot and lost his lovable baby fat along the way. Although lots of fans are concerned, others are not as worried.Honestly when i was going thru the remarks under the cover(because i have no life)i did see an army say that it looked like he

lost weight and under it like 3 individuals concurred however saying the whole fandom is stressed is a big exaggeration– HopeWorld(@_jungkook_wife) March 1, 2018 A.R.M.Y. is excited to hear the new album, however hope Jungkook Will put his health! See the complete video here.!.?.!— 방탄소년단(@BTS_twt)

February 27, 2018

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