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Some people have a great deal of mistaken beliefs about real estate agents in the Philippines and the kind of work that they do. This one is the most common amongst them: “I do not want to handle a genuine estate agent. It is more expensive to purchase from them than straight to the seller.”

Well, actually it is both real and incorrect, depending upon the case and the kind of residential or commercial property the agent is selling. Let me explain.If you are buying

a new property from a designer, possibilities are excellent that the rate is currently repaired by the company’s Marketing Department. The realty representative or broker cannot do anything about the rate. He cannot lower the selling price or jack it up higher. Can you simply think of if the designer enables their representatives do their own prices? It would be a catastrophe since the prices would naturally be various and would therefore confuse the buyer.The story would

be various if the property is owned by a specific financier or seller. Here is a common situation if a specific seller would enlist the assistance of a representative in offering his residential or commercial property:

  • The seller turns up a quantity he wishes to pocket for the home. Naturally, this price already includes his earnings. Often he would price the residential or commercial property so much more to leave space when the buyer aims to negotiate the deal.The seller would then state to the agent, “That’s currently the WEB price. It’s up to you to put your mark-up cost. I wish to take nothing less than that quantity and the purchaser will be the one to shoulder all other costs.”

Questions: If you were the agent, at which price would you sell the home if the owner wishes to take a net amount of P2,000,000.00? Would you be so kind to offer it at P 2M likewise without taking a revenue? Or, would you mark it up to compensate for your efforts and marketing expenditures? How do you believe would other representatives come up with their price?Well, I hope

that leaves you with something to believe about, whether you are offering or buying a residential or commercial property. Bear in mind that the majority of agents are uneasy with marking up the rate. They are always afraid that the buyer will discover the seller’s asking cost and will attempt to out-maneuver them from the offer.

Technically, a real estate broker is various from a property agent. However for simpleness, here we treat them as the same method and describe them using the term property representative or simply agent.

Once again remember that if the residential or commercial property is being offered by a developer, the cost is dictated by the company. In other words, it is much soothing (no negotiations, no counter-offers, etc) on your part if you purchase from a developer rather of purchasing from a private seller.That said, it

deserves pointing out that there are numerous advantages when you deal with a skilled genuine estate representative, among them are the following:

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