How to Get Rid of Bad Eating Habits

It\’s not precisely uncommon to Kym Ventola, wellness coach and founder of 9 Females\’s Retreat, who offered us some helpful insight into how you can change your practices, especially if you\’re attempting to reduce weight and get healthy.

\”Instead of pretending that they don\’t exist, I speak about my \’bad routines,\’\” Kym told POPSUGAR. \”I compose them down. I dig deep and aim to understand why I have actually allowed these bad practices to exist.\”

Instead of just overlook that you beat yourself up for any of your eating practices or for making mistakes. \”Try not to compare yourself to others or make judgments,\” she concluded. \”We are all doing the very best we can with what we have and with what we know. Neighborhood over competition– bear in mind that on your journey.\”

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography/ Sheila Gim