How Technology Delivered Success for ibtm Arabia [Case Study]

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All event planners imagine discovering an event technology service which can help them to realize their vision through a single platform. This case research study looks at how ibtm Arabia attained their particular goals and got results.

The Occasion

ibtm Arabia 2017 was held at Jumeirah Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE, in between 7 and 9 February. ibtm arabia is a 3 day occasion for the MICE market, that invites a community of roughly 300 exhibitors, hosted purchasers, press and officials from around the globe. This was the 11th year of the occasion, which is part of a wider ibtm portfolio, but has an extremely various technique. Instead of a conventional trade show format, ibtm arabia is a pod program. Each exhibitor has a conference pod, and takes part in 2 complete days of pre-scheduled, 20 minute, one-to-one meetings with hosted purchasers. ibtm arabia likewise incorporates a keynote speaker, break-out sessions and more networking opportunities. The very first day is an off website discovery day, where everyone

is welcomed to enjoy activities and networking chances throughout Abu Dhabi, such as going to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, or Falcon hospital, enjoying the Yas Island experience park, and taking part in a city-wide challenge. Quick Realities A 3-day event for the MICE industry exhibitors, hosted buyers, press and authorities'Pod show'formatconcentrated on pre-scheduled, one-to-one consultations The Obstacles ibtm Arabia has an enduring track record in the MICE industry as a show with a definite sense of

  • community. When compared to sis shows such as ibtm world, ibtm arabia is much
  • more intimate and everyone

    has the chance to obtain to know everyone on a more personal level. Offsite activities play a big function in satisfying the networking and relationship structure goals, as well as showcasing Abu Dhabi as a location for worldwide conferences and occasions. ibtm arabia organizers desired to strengthen the neighborhood of attendees and providers, to encourage much better networking and business relationships. The Technology ibtm Arabia chose to deal with Poken for the very first time. Poken is a cloud-based 360 ° occasion management platform, that produces richer engagement through an environment

    of tools and technology for occasion professionals. Poken brings together the digital and physical event areas to own engagement, centralize management and gain better insight through genuine information. ibtm Arabia used the following products and services used by Poken: Onsite registration and badging Poken interactive USB gadgets-- for networking and participant meeting check-in Actual time touchpoints-- for conference tracking and exhibitor list building Event mobile app The Goals There were 8 crucial

    objectives of ibtm Arabia: To promote a tight'community'among all international MICE professionals in attendance Develop relationships

  • to encourage service opportunities Drive engagement with event activities, in addition to
  • networking between individuals. Gain detailed metrics about interactions in between participants Have better insight and tracking of conferences participated in Provide

    a quick and reputable registration and badging system that can function in a vibrant and often

    • changing environment. Supply participants and exhibitors with existing info about the event, schedule, location and their conferences schedules through a mobile app. Promote Abu Dhabi
    • as a location for conferences, occasion and incentive travel How Were the Objectives Attained? Before getting here in Abu Dhabi, a number of interactions had actually gone to signed up guests, notifying them how the Poken occasion technology would be assisting them achieve their networking and
    • engagement objectives. Guests were invited to log into their visitor portals and include to their profiles. This served to not just inform them of exactly what would be
    • occurring onsite, but also included to the value of the platform, as people included social networks details, and profile images to their accounts.
    • On arrival, all guests were released a Poken interactive USB with their registration badge.

    For the whole duration of the occasion

    , the device acted as an individual digital service card, and conference check-in tool. Just by touching the interactive USB to another gadget it glows green, and contact info is exchanged. All the data was saved within the individual online visitor website. Changes to staffing and meeting attendance prevail. ibtm arabia organizers needed a basic yet vibrant system for registration, that might be worked together with predetermined meeting schedules but upgraded on site in real time with last minute modifications and print brand-new badges

    on the spot. Formerly unregistered attendees had the ability to produce brand-new accounts, or change existing accounts as appropriate. Roughly one third of all guests were just signed up onsite. The service had to be rapid, so that the registration and badge retrieval didn't develop queues and unneeded waiting time. To attain this, a series of 15 inch tablets were established in the registration location, for attendees and exhibitors to add information to their

    online visitor accounts(such as mobile numbers, images and their social networks accounts), as well as to change badge information if essential. It was integral for ibtm arabia organizers to have the most pertinent and precise information in numerous key locations. They required to track precisely who had actually gone to the signed up conferences and at what time to make sure everybody was taking part as part of their hosted buyer commitment. This information would serve to judge the success of the event for both exhibitors and guests, and would assist them change future show formats

    if required. To achieve this, touchpoints were stationed on every exhibitor pod. The tiny 4cm x 4cm NFC readers could track all the meetings in genuine time. At the beginning of the visit, guests simply touched the reader with their interactive USB to inspect in. The difficulty was getting attendees to look into every conference, to make sure precise information could be collected. Through pre event communications such as e-blasts

    to participants, in addition to onsite interactions such as info cards and announcements, guests were far better notified about the procedure of monitoring in by touching the interactive USB to the actual time touchpoints. Furthermore, as they had been using the interactive USB through out occasion already, this behaviour came extremely naturally. The second information objective was to acquire insight into the interactions between guests.

    This would also be utilized to evaluate the show format, what locations had actually achieved success and what could be enhanced upon for future editions. Poken likewise offered the occasion app. Features included crucial information intended at offering a more interesting and informed experience for participants such as an interactive floor strategy, info about the city, venue, occasion schedule, exhibitors, sponsors, keynotes, in addition to access to their tailored meeting schedule. Fulfilling schedules had to be updated continually with existing information, as schedules often changed. The Results Using the Poken interactive USBs was transmittable, as individuals at the occasion saw the radiant green hand they instinctively wanted to touch their Poken with others too, opening a brand-new discussion and relationship,

    while also catching the person's information. The gadget was the icebreaker to motivate new connections between guests, particularly during the discovery day. The adventurous nature of the 'discovery day' indicated that traditional organisation cards were

    often forgotten however Poken interactive USB devices were carried by all, and made use of thoroughly. The outcome was an overall of over 5,700 connections made over 3 days, from an overall attendance of 312 guests. Exhibitors received detailed lead generation reports, detailing all individuals they had met at the show. Poken actual time touchpoints determined that 88%of all meetings were gone to over the course of 2 days. As touch points tracked meetings in genuine time, organizers

    were likewise provided insight

    into durations of heavy and lower conference attendance, hence allowing them to adjust and enhance the format for next year. Takeaways for Occasion Planners There are 3 crucial locations of finding out that event planners can take from this case research study: Define Your Goals and Obstacles By comprehending the detailed objectives of the occasion, it was easier to find the event technology to match. As the innovation was offered through a single service provider it made sure all functionality and information was streamlined seamlessly, in genuine time. Each item from the Poken platform responded to a specific need, with no excess.

    The result was an advantageous deployment of innovation for all stakeholders, that was easy to comprehend, considerably embraced and provided

    authentic value. Ensure Adoption The secret to obtaining individuals on board with any technology is communication. At first, guests and exhibitors need to get an understanding about how the technology will benefit them. The technology at ibtm Arabia enabled participants to engage with the event and each other, and prove that they had actually attended their quota of conferences, in addition to offering a list building platform for exhibitors.

    It is also important to inform participants abouthow basic an option is to utilize so that it is met the least inertia. Getting guests

    1. involved with using technology ahead of the

    event helped to get rid of potential barriers onsite, and got them excited for the occasion itself. This was supported by easy procedures and assistance products. Gather Crucial Data is essential for exhibitors and guests in regards to taping brand-new contacts and prospective business, but also for organizers who rely on enhancing ROI for their stakeholders. Measuring metrics from key areas, such as engagement, time, locations and activities, enables organizers to discover from their

    1. occasion, determine

    what is working well and why, then apply this to enhance future events. In Conclusion ibtm Arabia picked their innovation partner sensibly, guaranteeing that they might help to achieve all of their occasion objectives through a single platform. The innovation excited the attendees and provided clear benefits, which resulting in an exceptional adoption rate. The data captured is currently being utilized by the organizers to make enhancements and improve the 2018 program even further.