Women’s Spring 2017 Fashion Trends As Seen In K-Pop Music Videos

While a few of us may planning to Instagram or social networks for style motivation, those who love K-pop comprehend that truthfully, the finest locations to draw motivation from are really newly launched music videos. And frequently, the stars who feature in the video are frequently seen wearing attire that forecast really well the coming season's fashion trends. Here are some spring 2017 fashion patterns, as seen in recently launched video:

Lively Pastels

Spring indicates it's time to put away all (or at least some) of the black coats you've been concealing yourself in and to begin adorning yourself with some color instead! But of course, all of us understand how intimidating that shift from wearing only wintry, dark shades to sprinkling pops of color can be. And if you're anything like me, you're not that into using flashy, fantastic colors from head-to-toe. This spring, in addition to your lively staples, is simply as much about subdued pastels-- particularly yellows, lavenders, and that famous millenial pink. Simply take a look at how lively Cao Lu(Fiestar), Kisum, and Yerin (GFRIEND) look in their cooperation, fittingly titled "Spring Again," even when they're dressed in a more controlled color combination.

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Single-Shoulder Dresses

For you decades fashion lovers, '80s style single-shoulder dresses are back, and better than ever! And who much better to rock the one-shouldered frock (and incredibly flashy ones, at that) than seasoned singer and starlet Uhm Jung Hwa!.?. !? You can see that she's upgraded the '80s glittery, one-shoulder dress and rendered it a little more futuristic in her brand-new music video. And for anybody who does not believe that the '80s can prosper in the 21st century, you can see Uhm Jung Hwa likewise performing in glamorous one-shoulder gowns in her brand-new drama, "You're Too Much."

Statement Stripes

There are just some trends (if you can call them that) that just never ever head out of design, and stripes seem to be one of them. One year, it was the sailor stripes on long-sleeve t-shirts; another year, it was business-casual-esque blouses with thin stripes over blue. In spring 2017, though, it will be all about eye-stopping declaration stripes that scream, "wow!" Coincidentally, you can see several members of Lovelyz dancing and singing around in vibrant declaration stripes in their video for "Wow!"


Whether you enjoy the entire lingerie-inspired clothing over flowy white blouses trend that has actually been circling around for some time or not, let's face it. It's also a trend that's here to stay like the stripes. In spring 2017, it will be everything about corsets over flowy tops. And no matter how you feel about the design, you cannot reject that Kassy looks incredible with a cropped bodice worn over her white blouse in the video for Sanchez's "5 More Minutes," where she stars.

Block Heeled Sandals

Love strutting and revealing off in your fantastic heels however hate the pain that occurs with doing so? Not to worry, as one of spring 2017's biggest forthcoming patterns consist of block-heeled sandals. They optimize cuteness while lessening all the pain, making them especially ideal and ubiquitous for the 9-to-5, running errands, and more! You can see Jeon Somi easily strolling around in them along with Eric Nam in "You, Who?"

Oversized Declaration Earrings

I have actually personally constantly loved declaration earrings, but current patterns hence far have stressed minimalist jewelry and simplicity. Luckily for statement precious jewelry connoisseurs like me, large earrings that draw all the attention are back. Taeyeon is constantly understood for dressing in the trendiest attire in her solo video, and it's no exception in "Fine." You can see that to completion, Taeyeon's using large, baubly blue earrings that seem to hang all the method down to her collarbones.

Mix & & Match

Cannot decide on your favorite pattern from the ones I've mentioned? Fortunate for you, spring 2017 is the season to don it all-- at the same time! There's no have to fret about clashing or looking ridiculous. Just go all out! Look at the women of TWICE and how fabulous they look rocking several spring 2017 trends simultaneously in "Knock Knock." Possibly if enough of us begin wearing spring 2017 trends, spring weather will finally come knocking on our doors.

seehkay is a contributing author for Soompi. In her spare time, she prefers to check out, find brand-new music, examine Korean dramas, and drink coffee every possibility she gets.