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No salt, no taste? Attempt these salt-free hacks to make your food both delicious and healthy

If you thought your food couldn’t taste good without salt, try these tricks.

Picture courtesy: Twitter/ 1001ptsUK Picture courtesy: Twitter/ 1001ptsUK You may like that extra little salt on your plate to add taste to your food. But an overdose of salt does have its own negative effects. From raising blood pressure to increasing water retention and hence bloating, salt can trigger a lot of health issues.

However does lowering your salt consumption indicate having boring, dull meals? Naturally not. Here are four methods by which you can add flavours to your meal without relying on salt.

picture courtesy: Twitter/alhealthguru Ditch salt for as soon as and go for ingredients like black or crushed red pepper, oregano, or salt-free herb and spice mixes. These are also totally free of calories, so include as much as you desire to fit your taste.2.

Go with acidic components

Photo courtesy: Twitter/RedWineBuzz Splash some balsamic or red wine vinegar on your food. Or include some citrus on your grilled chicken. Then taste the difference.

Picture courtesy: Twitter/BCFarmersMarket A dried variation of seaweed provides a distinct taste to your primary cuisine along with to mouth-watering treats like popcorn. You can include it to any meal you desire.

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Explore your culinary abilities to add oomph to your art of cooking. You can grill or slow-cook vegetables, instead of just boiling them, to magnify their flavours and texture.