BREAKING NEWS: Julian Vasquez Heilig Has Won OK to Open Five For-Profit Charter Schools in Michigan!

Julian Vasquez Heilig has deep ties to the state of Michigan, as he is from Lansing, and he finished from the University of Michigan. He has actually made his mark as a scholar of education policy at the University of Texas and now Sacramento State in California. He has actually established a reputation as a knowledgeable critic of charters, he might not pass up the opportunity to open a chain of charters in his home state of Michigan, where anybody can open a charter school and the financial rewards of for-profit charters are large. Exactly what’s concept when profits are so alluring?The five charters will open this September, which is kind of fast, but then they are mainly online schools. It is no issue that Julian will continue to live in California, because, well, the weather is much better. It took just four weeks to have his request approved, so why wait to get started?Here are three of his 5 brand-new charters. You will have to open the connect to check out the other 2. They are doozies: OFFER Academy: OFFER Academy will be primarily online and have a statewide presence zone and serve

grades 9-12. The school plans to carry out an online property and sales curriculum through collaboration with Trump University. The school aims to integrate sales into project-based knowing experiences to enable trainees to develop important thinking skills and a much deeper understanding of sales– including real estate deals. Remarkable! There will be a brick-and-mortar area at a Trump property to be figured out later.Perfect Graduation Academy for Boys: Perfect Academy for Boys will be mainly online have a statewide with a brick-and-mortar location on land to

be bought by school and after that rented back to me by my Charter Management Company at a “terrific”rate. Perfect will serve grades 9-10. The school will be a single-gender charter school that supplies an extensive, college preparatory program for grades 9-12. We will have a 100%graduation rate for everybody that is still at our school after 4 years. I guarantee. Perfect Academy for Boys will provide a prolonged day, week and year religious-based curriculum. The focus is on young boys, because, well, you know boys.Exodus Academy for Girls: Exodus Academy for Girls will be mostly online have a statewide with a brick-and-mortar place on land to be acquired by school and after that rented back to me by my Charter Management Company at a”terrific” price(see above). I am actually thinking I might sell this school prior to it opens or mid-year. I’m taking offers– I’m all set to exodus.He says he knows that Betsy DeVos will be thrilled with his success which he was motivated by her comparison of schools to Ubers and other disruptive innovations in ride-sharing. He wishes to be part of the new economy.Need I state that Julian will be leaving the board of the Network for Public Education as of close of business today?