BREAKING NEWS: McMaster: Trump ‘In No Way Compromised’ Sources In Russia Meeting

Screen Shot 2017 05 16 at 12.31.57 PM - BREAKING NEWS: McMaster: Trump 'In No Way Compromised' Sources In Russia Meeting

On Tuesday, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said that President Donald Trump”in no other way”jeopardized any sources while speaking to Russian leaders in the Oval Office last week. McMaster likewise included that the info-sharing in between Trump and Russia was”wholly proper, “but is not denying the Washington Post story that broke the news.”The president in no chance compromised any sources or techniques in the course of this discussion,”McMaster said while instruction press reporters at the White House.According to confidential sources who spoke to the Washington Post, President Trump supposedly dripped classified details about ISIS to the Russian ambassador and prime minister during their conference last week. The leakage apparently endangered an ISIS intelligence source, the Washington Post broke late Monday.McMaster stated on Monday that Trump and the Russian foreign minister”reviewed typical hazards from terrorist companies to consist of hazards to aviation. … At no time were any intelligence sources or techniques gone over, and no military operations were revealed that were not currently known publicly. “On Tuesday during the press instruction at the White House, McMaster stood by his statement.” I wait my declaration that I made yesterday … the premise of that post is false,”he said.