At Least One Pedestrian Killed in Times Square Accident [Breaking News]

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Times Square Accident

owned in the wrong instructions before it jumped a curb.Current reports show that there has actually been at least one death. In addition, 19 other pedestrians were injured. It’s unclear at this time precisely what triggered the driver to lose control, however authorities have actually already stated that this incident was not an act of terrorism. Rather, initial findings suggest that the unnamed motorist was probably under the impact of alcohol or drugs.The vehicle, a red Honda, ended up partially on its side and in flames. Inning accordance with witnesses, the Honda was owned north down 7 th Opportunity’s west pathway. The first victim appears to have been walking near the corner of 7th Avenue and 44 th Street. After hitting her at complete speed, the vehicle continued to drive down the pathwayuntil it collided with numerous more individuals at 7 th and 45 th.

Times Square Emergency Personnel
Trashed Honda at the crossway of 45th and Broadway in Times Square [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Luckily, the melee ended after the possibly inebriated motorist crashed the Honda into a light pole. The entire area is presently shut off by police, so locals will have to prevent the intersection of 7th Opportunity and 45th Street. The FBI is part of the examination. None of the victims’ name have actually been launched to the press yet, nor exists any main confirmation about the reason for the mishap.

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