Hilary Duff’s oxblood leggings are the perfect workout color

color.Duff paired her two-toned leggings with a black and white letterman jacket and black baseball cap. The total appearance screams stylish badass and Duff looks like the tough woman who plays for the competing group in a teen powderpuff football movie.Now that we

think about it, that seems like a terrific movie idea. Hilary, are you busy today?

Hilary Duff in oxblood

Getty Images/ Oswaldo/Bauer-Griffin Anyhow, oxblood is a color that always comes back in style in the fall. The dark-toned red compliments the oranges, browns, and dark greens that make up the autumn combination. It’s deep and warm and it reminds us of our fave red wine that weHilary Duff in oxblood
drink on cold nights in front of the fire. Getty Images/ Oswaldo/Bauer-Griffin But, whether Duff purposefully wore her oxblood leggings to the gym or not, oxblood is a best workout color. According to ColorPsychology.org, red is associated with energy, aggressiveness, strength, power and decision– all things required for a worthwhile leg day.The site states,”Red has an effect on our physiological state, considering that it increases heart rate and makes us breathe quicker … It has actually been discovered that professional athletes wearing a red kit in combat sports had a bigger possibility of winning than those who used a blue set. Red makes the individual feel more aggressive and more powerful, enhancing testosterone, however it also alters the perception others have.” Getty Images/ BG015/Bauer-Griffin So not only will oxblood make you the trendiest individual at the gym, however you nearly may discover yourself getting more out of your workout while wearing it. Is Hilary Duff a genius? Definitely– but we already knew that. Get in touch with us

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