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The guard who tossed NCT U fans to the flooring has launched a declaration blaming fans without an apology in a ridiculous letter posted online.On February 6, fans flooded the airport in Thailand for a glance of NCT U as they showed up for an occasion. The huge variety of fans was not anticipated by private or airport security, who were unable to take control of the crowd.The mass crowd of fans got out of hand quickly, with some pushing and shoving in

order to get a more detailed take a look at NCT. While fans may have caused a few injuries, the worst incident came when a security personnel strongly pushed one fan to the ground.Videos recorded the whole occurrence as the guard strongly smacks one fan’s phone away then pushes two fans to the ground. He continues to push fans away aggressively as he leads NCT U members outside.มีแฟนคลับโดนการ์ดเหวี่ยงล้มด้วยแต่ทุกคนรุมน้องแบบน่ากลัวมาก #welcomeNCTtothailand!.?.!—?ตงฟาง(rest)(@ 97Cocaxjh) February 6, 2017 While it’s clear in the video that fans are not permitting for NCT U to leave the airport by crowding them, it does not excuse the security guards behavior. Correct preparation for celebrities showing up at the

airport could have prevented the entire incident.Now, the business behind the security for NCT U’s airport arrival has posted a description on their Facebook Page. The description does not say sorry to fans at all but rather places the blame on them entirely.After NCT

has made their method to Suvarnabhumi Airport [in Thailand] the numernous amount of senseless fans hovered around NCT making it practically impossible for the artists to make their method to the car. [This made it] very hard on the guards to do their

tasks however they would likewise want to thank fans who were attempting to assist clear the course also. One fan(as circled around )who was attempting to assist make method for NCT was pushed hard that until her phone hit the artist and nearly fell would like to thank the fan in white #wewanttogivethispersonaprize– T.TEAM (Guard Business) The post made to “T.TEAM “Facebook Page.This explanation easily excludes the whole video and circumstances where their own security guard pushes fans to the ground. The fan pointed out by T.TEAM in their post can be seen in the video published above and a close shot posted below.It’s very clear that the fan in T.TEAM’s photos is being pushed and is distraught but she is just among

numerous fans who were captured in the crowd.The video below catches the”woman in white”for a moment in the background.ตอนแทยงโดยองตกใจแฟนคลับล้มค่ะ. #WelcomeNCTtoThailand #MasitaNewPresenters!.?.!— mint for jeno(@mintjibi ) February 6, 2017 Simply actions away from this scene are the fans that are being assaulted by the securityguard. There are no screenshots of these fans in T.TEAM’s post.In a statement to Thai media, the

company goes on to excuse their behavior and blame K-Pop fans. They state that their actions was because of fans not listening to their continues to discussthe”woman in white”in an effort to deflect blame and relatively develop good-will for their business.”I also felt heart broken that I needed to do that, however the fans were all attempting to push their method to be near the artist … the reason we had to do exactly what we did was since the fans were hovering over the artist and not giving way.The guards already stated to offer method to the artist but the fans were not doing as [they were] informed and all they wish to do was be able to be near the artist.I actually don’t desire generalize that K-Pop fans are bad fans or that fans of a particular groups are bad fans since there some great fans out there too.During this event, you might see a fan in white who concerned assist guard but we werent able to see that at the time, hence, we did what we did. We would like to thank the fan. There was a fan who returned back a guards walkie talkie when it went missing out on.”– T.TEAM( Security personnel Business)The guard business has actually worked with Super Junior and EXO in the past for their security also. They have yet to ask forgiveness to

NCT U fans for their habits or clearly admitted to fault in their aggressive nature when handling the girls at the airport.

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