Uber grounds self-driving cars after accident

Uber has actually grounded its fleet of self-driving automobiles pending an investigation into the crash of an Uber car in Arizona, a representative for the car-hailing service stated Sunday.No one was seriously hurt in the mishap which happened Friday in Tempe, Arizona while the automobile was in self-driving mode, the business stated.

“We are continuing to look into this occurrence and can validate we had no backseat guests in the car,” the Uber spokesperson said.Tempe police said the mishap occurred when the other car cannot yield, according to media reports.Self-driving Uber lorries constantly have a driver

who can take control of the controls at any time.The company grounded its self-driving automobiles in Arizona after the mishap, and then followed up on Saturday pulling them off the roadway in Pittsburg and San Francisco, the two other areas where it operates self-driving automobiles, the business said.The car-hailing service has actually been dented by a series of problem stories, including disclosures about a culture of sexism, cut-throat office methods and covert use of law enforcement-evading software.A number of executives have left the business in current weeks, including president Jeff Jones, as problems have actually installed.