Adrienne Bailon and Keke Palmer Share Their Favorite Football Fashion Tips

Image by (Image by Carlos Delgado/AP Images for National Football League)

Discover ways to rock the best red lip with a large football tee.

The season of point spread and pigskin has actually taken control of Monday, Thursday and Sunday night tv. (For those who do not follow sports, that’s football talk for video game on!.

?.!!)It’s clear that females comprise Keke tells while Adrienne agrees there’s no wrong way to rock NFL equipment as long as it fits your design. On game day, both Keke and Adrienne know just exactly what they do to flaunt their style sense– and their style guide provides a couple of ideas you may want to attempt. “I love their beanie, “says Adrienne. For bad hair days in the fall, there’s absolutely nothing better than an excellent beanie. If you use it with partner denims and heels, it looks fantastic-effortlessly chic.”Keke states she enjoys the large jerseys. “With among my Bears’Tee shirts, I roll up the sleeves and I’ll either connect it off to the side, to the back or in the front, or possibly I’ll tuck it in a bit in the front and roll the sleeves all the way up so it comes all the way up on my shoulders– [there’s] all various types of stuff like that you can do. I got my Bears’sweater oversized so I can use it off the shoulder or wear the sleeves up.” As a little something extra, see Adrienne and Keke rock out to a little Selena while promoting their NFL collection.