Architecture firm has idea to build U-shaped skyscraper, aims to be longest in the world

MANHATTAN– One architecture firm hopes to develop the longest building on the planet by bending a high-rise building in half.The Big Bend is

a curved, 4,000 foot-long high-rise building intended on Manhattan’s Billionaire’s Row. It’s the brainchild of Oiio Studio.

It’s obvious that there is an area problem in Manhattan.Architects develop up since there is

no space to construct out.”If we handle to flex our structure instead of flexing the zoning rules of New york city, we would have the ability to develop among the most prominent buildings in Manhattan,” checks out the structure proposition on Oiio’s website.The designer

of the job, Ioannis Oiaonomou, was inspired to create the U-shaped structure after learning that a business created an elevator that not only moves vertically, however also horizontally.The Big Bend is simply

an idea– for now.Oiaonomou has actually sent the plans to a few companies and

is currently looking for financial investments.