Millennium Park tops Midwest tourist destination

Centuries Park tops Midwest tourist destination CHICAGO– For tourists planning trips in the midwest, the Millennium Bean has actually ended up being a need to stop.Millennium Park has pushed Navy Pier from the leading tourist spot, becoming the most popular place to go to in the midwest.With its concerts, nature programs and celebrations, it’s also…

Ipoh – Stay – M Boutique Hotel 怡保精品酒店

我又来过期分享了!最近很乖除了工作和吃饭哪里都没去,好像没什么好写的,所以开始翻出旧照片来回味。去怡保三天两夜游已经是去年八月的事情了,那之后到现在都还没机会重游怡保,很想念啊! 当时去三天两夜,因为实在太想试试不同的酒店而每晚换住宿。去年生日因为工作忙碌没能像前几年一样出国游玩,里先生特地飞来马来西亚陪我,入住 M Moutique Hotel 也算是为我庆生而准备的,第二天换去 Hotel Ibis Style Ipoh 则是为了更靠近美食区。 这种复古装横超合我意!Check in 有一点点慢,但因为酒店大堂环境很好所以完全不介意等待的说。  一图胜千言,我的部落格一向来都是以照片说故事的,说起来也不算在写文章啊。惭愧,但这不就是我的风格吗?XD 在等候 check in 的当儿就在这里翻滚坐等。   连接酒店的还有一家店,卖各种生活物品。 Provided by: Jean


Firestone Destination M/T2 Off-Road Tire Review

It’s been 15 years given that Bridgestone launched its last entry in the Mud Terrain category, the Firestone Destination M/T, and although the item has actually served off-road lovers well, it’s long past due for a replacement. Go into the Location M/T2, the business’s next-generation tire created for maximum traction in tough terrain.With the significant…


「CREATED」 Is The Newest Destination Made for You

Ever question where you can learn Taeyeon’s “I Got Love” makeup look? Or where you can find someone to teach you how to make the ideal kimbap? Well, you can discover all this and more on DEVELOPED, Viki’s new platform for all things Asian culture and lifestyle. Here you can discover a wide array of…