Drone footage of WA bowls club creates optical illusion

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Drone video footage chance at a WA bowls club has got the internet in a twist over an apparent “visual fallacy”.

The video, shot by Josh Carr from Carr and Drone at Merredin Bowling Club on Sunday, captures around 60 bowlers taking part in exactly what’s referred to as a ‘spider’ bowl, where everyone bowls simultaneously at the jack in the middle of the pitch.

The drone perfectly captured the shadows of each bowler as they walked to collect their bowls.
The drone completely caught the shadows of each bowler as they strolled to gather their bowls. Photo: Carr and Drone The shadows of the bowlers have actually led some to think the video was

an animation.” Left me so confused when I initially saw it, “composed one Reddit

user. “I thought everybody had a little pet with them,”wrote another, referring to the people’s heads at the idea of their shadows. Mr Carr said he took the video footage around 9am. “I was allowed to take

this breeze over the local bowling club this

morning,”he said.”To kick of the competition there is about 100 bowlers that line the edge of the green.

“A cat is put in the center and the aim is to get as close as you can- winner gets$250.”On the count of five, they all bowl. This is the shot taken as the bowlers were walking in to see who the winner was.”

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