Feline good: Cats counter stress at Tokyo firm

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TOKYO: Workaholic Japan is understood for long workplace hours and stressed workers, however one business declares to have a remedy: Cats.An overall of 9 fluffy felines eat, sleep and stroll freely in the little workplace of IT firm Ferray in Tokyo.Hidenobu Fukuda

, who heads the company, introduced an “workplace cat” policy in 2000 upon request from among his employees, permitting staffers to bring their moggies to work.

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-30px )”> A total of nine fluffy felines consume, sleep and stroll freely in the small office of IT firm Ferray in Tokyo AFP/YOKO AKIYOSHI”I likewise offer 5,000 yen (US$ 45 )a month to those who rescue a feline, “he said of his charges.Other Japanese companies are likewise enabling animals in the workplace to help reduce stress and anxiety.At Oracle Japan, an Old English Sheepdog named Candy works as a”greeting and healing

ambassador”, inning accordance with the business website.The business said it has had a workplace canine since 1991, and Candy, the fourth one, now has Twitter and Instagram accounts.Meanwhile, Pasona Group”

employed”two goats in 2011 and 2 alpacas in 2013 as full-time workers, partly for healing purposes.Tokyo is likewise the home of some 60 registered feline coffee shops, thanks to a growing variety of feline lovers.Eri Ito, who operates at Ferray, states she is offered on the animal’s calming ways.”Cats are sleeping just beside us … It’s healing,”Ito said.But there is likewise a disadvantage to having felines in the workplace, Fukuda

admitted. The business introduced an”office feline”policy in 2000 upon demand from among his staff members, permitting staffers to bring their moggies to work.(Photo: Yoko Akiyoshi/AFPBB News/AFP) “Sometimes a cat will stroll on a phone and cut off the call, or they shut down the computer systems by strolling onto the off switch,”he stated.

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