GIIAS 2016: Daihatsu Cast Activa, kei-car for the active

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The Daihatsu Cast is among the more fascinating minicars offered in Japan now, together with the Suzuki Hustler. Both function round eyes and a charming face, but while the Hustler sports a mini-4 × 4 look, the more recent Cast can be found in 3 flavours– Style, Activa and Sport.

The Cast Design is the “basic” variation of the kei-car, while the Sport is self-explanatory.

Daihatsu has a routine of parading JDM minicars at Indonesian motor shows( Move Custom-made, Mira Cocoa, Wake were at last year’s GIIAS ), and it’s easy to see why– with their miniature size and wacky styling, the kei-cars as good as idea cars and trucks in drawing interest in these parts. I want one, too.This year

, the Cast Activa is signed up with at GIIAS 2016 by Tokyo 2015 ideas such as the Hinata and Tempo”food truck”, along with the Copen Cero. The round light Cero is the most recent of the tiny roadster’s”dresses”, potentially given Indonesia to determine interest. The Copen is formally offered in Indonesia(MT and AT )in default Bathrobe styling. The post GIIAS 2016: Daihatsu Cast Activa, kei-car for the active appeared initially on Paul Tan’s Automotive News.

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