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Hater dating app matches you based mutual topics of hate

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close OnePlus and Meizu cheating popular benchmarking

apps Makers still haven’t stopped targeting popular benchmarking applications to artificially inflate their handset ratings. OnePlus and Meizu are both still doing it, though OnePlus has stated it will stop.

close 10 Tips & Tricks to obtain the most & out of Google Calendar Google Calendar

is arguably the greatest development in calendars given that they started printing them out with feline photos. To obtain the most from this effective efficiency tool, there are a few suggestions and techniques you should know about.


Nexus 5X got fingerprint gestures in newest upgrade While incremental updates on gadgets tend to serve the same function for each Nexus phone, the Nexus 5X got a little something for itself. Its Android 7.1.2 upgrade allows finger print gestures.

close 5 needs to be thrilled about the HTC U Ultra

Unveiled a couple of weeks back, the HTC U Ultra is HTC’s most current effort to take your attention far from the competitors. Some might see the U Ultra as a ripoff of the LG V20 wrapped in the body of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, however there are a few functions which set the U Ultra apart.

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