PM Lee apologises to Singaporeans over dispute with siblings; to answer questions in Parliament on 38 Oxley Road

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SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong issued a declaration on Monday (Jun 19), apologising to Singaporeans for the dispute between him and his siblings over the home of their late daddy, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, at 38 Oxley Road.

PM Lee stated he deeply is sorry for that the conflict has impacted the country’s credibility and Singaporeans’ confidence in the Government, including that the matter will not distract him and his Cabinet from governing Singapore.The Prime Minister also stated that he will make a ministerial statement to refute the claims, when Parliament sits on Jul 3. PM Lee’s statement is replicated

below:”Over the recently, Singaporeans have

been interrupted and puzzled by news of the private disagreement in between my brother or sisters and me. I deeply are sorry for that this conflict has actually impacted Singapore’s credibility and Singaporeans ‘self-confidence in the Government.As your Prime Minister, I apologise to you for this. And as the eldest of the

siblings, it grieves me to think of the anguish that this would have caused our parents if they were still alive.I had done everything possible to prevent this state of affairs. My dad left the property at 38 Oxley Roadway to me as part of my equal share of his estate, but my siblings were not pleased about this. I tried to deal with their unhappiness privately. I offered to move 38 Oxley Roadway to my sis for a nominal S$ 1. Regrettably, that offer failed. I then offered the home to my brother at a reasonable market appraisal, and contributed all my earnings to charity.I had actually hoped that this would please them. There ought to be no reason for any more quarrel, because I not own your home and I do not participate in any

Government choices on the home. Nevertheless, my brother or sisters have actually decided to head out and make serious accusations publicly. For instance, they state that I am utilizing my position as Prime Minister to affect the ministerial committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean. These accusations exceed private and individual matters, and encompass the conduct of my office and the stability of the Government.Much as I wish to move on, and end a most unhappy experience for Singaporeans, these baseless allegations versus the Government can not be left unanswered. They need to be and will be handled openly and refuted.When Parliament sits on Jul 3, 2017, I

will make a ministerial declaration to refute the charges. All MPs will then have the opportunity to raise concerns for themselves and their constituents. I have actually advised that the PAP celebration whip be raised. I urge all MPs, including the non-PAP MPs, to examine the issues completely and question me and my Cabinet associates strongly. I hope that this complete, public airing in Parliament will eliminate any doubts that have been planted and reinforce confidence in our organizations and our system of government.I want to ensure all Singaporeans that this matter will not sidetrack me and my Cabinet coworkers from our duty to govern Singapore, and to handle more crucial nationwide concerns, consisting of the pushing financial and security difficulties we face.As public servants, my Ministers and I will always safeguard the integrity of our organizations

, and promote the strict requirements separating private affairs from our public tasks. We are identified to repair the damage that has been done to Singapore. We will continue to lead our country and serve you to the best of our ability. “


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