30 heavy vehicle drivers issued summonses in joint enforcement operation

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SINGAPORE: Thirty heavy vehicle chauffeurs were provided with 62 summonses on Monday (Jun 19) throughout a joint enforcement operation involving Traffic Police (TP), the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) and National Environment Firm (NEA).

The summonses were provided for various traffic offenses such as speeding, failing to keep left on expressways and using mobile communication gadgets while driving.Additionally, a foreign heavy car was made to reverse to Malaysia for extreme smoke emission, cops stated in a media release. The authorities likewise found 36 circumstances of LTA offenses such as the unlawful adjustment of automobiles, cops said. This belongs to a continuous month-long series of operations clamping down on errant drivers of heavy vehicles such as prime movers, buses and tipper trucks. Police reiterated on Monday that the number of deadly accidents involving heavy lorries are on the increase.

In 2015, 34 cases were tape-recorded, while in 2016 this rose by 20.6 per cent to 41 cases.”As heavy vehicle motorists invest lots of hours on the roads and are always on a tight schedule, it is a lot more important for them to follow all traffic guidelines and regulations,”the cops said.” Heavy automobiles since of their size have the propensity to cause greater damage and death when associated with an accident,” said Deputy Commander of Traffic Cops, Assistant Commissioner of Police(AC) Devrajan Bala.”Through these ground operations, TP intends to further shape the behaviour of the heavy automobile motorists to safeguard other road users.”


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