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Megyn Kelly is revealing the world what most Conservatives already understood. She is a diva and much more pleased with herself than the rest of America is.The 3rd episode

of Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly drew a 0.7 score in the essential news demonstration (25-54 )and approximately 3.53 million audiences, according to the Hollywood Reporter. All the buzz surrounding her interview with popular alternative news character and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones might not even push her over the top. It appears Americans would rather see reruns of America’s Funniest House Videos instead of watch Kelly’s hatchet job with a 0.7 score amassing 3.7 million viewers on ABC, while Fox led all networks with its protection of the United States Open Golf Championship, which drew an average of 6.09 million viewers and a 1.4 in the 18-49 demonstration. Obviously over on CBS 60 Minutes drew an average of 5.31 million audiences and a 0.7 rating in the news bracket. This is the 3rd straight week where the veteran news program has beat Kelly’s attempts to convince America is little more than mediocre.The mainstream media is celebrating Kelly’s ode to her own ego, terming it”real journalism “though the very same people previously decried her for providing Jones a platform.

Jones himself has called the interview as a”hit piece” and has released exactly what he mentioned is full audio of the interview with Kelly. In the leaked discussion, Kelly was heard appealing she would not depict him as “some sort of boogeyman.”The audio exposes Kelly as a phony and the interview as a work of fiction via cut and paste and some seriously selective editing.Much of the criticism seems to stem from Jones making declarations in the past calling the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Primary school in Newton, Conn., a scam. 20 children and 6 educators were killed in the Newton

school shooting and the neighborhood was among those who spoke out against NBC airing the interview. One regional NBC affiliate chose not to even air the interview at all. In spite of all of the controversy, Kelly might not seem to garner a substantial audience.Kelly lost more than just audiences also. Forbes reported JPMorgan dropped advertising from the entirety of NBC News till after the interview aired. A number of other regional marketers dropped areas from the program itself.Prior to the interview, Kelly released a statement on Twitter June 13 discussing the importance of

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