Champions Trophy Live Score, SA vs SL: Tahir Removes Gunaratne

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WICKET! Gunaratne goes, and Tahir gets his 3rd wicket. Another soft termination. Attempting to go through the covers, does not get it from the middle. East catch for Parnell in the covers. Gunaratne dismissed for 4.

WICKET! Tahir gets another one, nothing shot from Tharanga. Attempts to review short extra cover, however Miller exists in the deep, and finishes a basic catch,

FOUR! Tahir pitches it simply put, and Tharanga quickly pulls it for a boudnary towards mid-wicket

FOUR! Perera finds the boundary, sweeps Duminy behind square leg for a 4

50! Tharanga reaches his half-century from 59 balls. Sri Lanka will need him to remain till completion if they are to have any possibility of winning this one

WICKET! Tahir gets Kapugedera very first ball. Its the googly, returns and strikes Kapugedera right in front of the stumps. As plumb as it gets. Kapugedera opts for a duck

WICKET! Chandimal will have to go back, thanks to De Villiers moment of genius, he dives and the ball deflects, SL attempt to take a single and De Villiers hits the stumps. He was mid-air while tossing. As the old saying goes, never run off a misfield!Tahir comes into

the attack … 4! Width used from Morkel,

and Chandimal takes complete advantage. He suffices through point for a 4 WICKET! Mendis aiming to snap it off his legs, but De Villiers times the jump

completely to takes a catch at short mid-wicket. FOUR! Tharanga now moves to the backfoot, and pulls it large off mid on for another boundary!FOUR! What timing from Tharanga! Places it through the covers for a four 4! Mendis leaves the mark with a border, Morkel

pitches it in short, and Mendis rapidly goes to his backfoot and pulls it for a

border WICKET! This time Dickwella departs, Morkel strikes in his very first over. Dickwella once again aims to go huge, gets a leading edge and is safely captured at

3rd guy by Parnell FOUR! Another one, this time Tharanga pulls off the backfoot. The Sri Lankan openers seem to be in a hurry here 4! Just punched through the covers

for a four, ideal timing from Tharanga!SIX! Dickwella strikes Rabada for the optimum, length ball and its whipped over mid-wicket for a 6 4! Too short from Parnell, and Tharanga highlights the pull shot. Goes to the limit in front of square for a four.FOUR! Parnell slips onto the pads, and Dickwella simply gets bat onto it, and it races to

the fine leg border for a 4 DROPPED! Rabada drops another one, more tough than the very first one, he was once again on his follow through

and the ball was low-near his ankle. Strikes the palm and pops out. Dickwella was on 21 FOUR! Now, Dickwella goes on the backfoot and hits over the onside for another limit. FOUR! Dickwella appears to be releasing a method here, again provides himself some room and hits it over the circle for a boundary.DROPPED! Rabada drops an easy caught and bowl chance, Tharanga

was trying to find the pull, it struck him high up on the bat and simply loops, Rabada

who was in his follow through makes a complete mess.FOUR! Very first border of Sri Lankan innings comes off Dickwella’s bat, makes space and lifts the

ball over the cover boundary.Sri Lankan openers -Dickwella and Tharanga -have left to a safe start.South Africa surface on 299/6. Sri Lanka still in the video game, Proteas will be disappointed as they couldn’t go huge in the death overs.

Some fine bowling from Sri Lanka seamers.South Africa finish on 299/6. Sri Lanka still in the game, Proteas will be disappointed as they could not go huge in the death overs. Some great bowling from Sri Lanka seamers.FOUR AND 6! A limit for South Africa in the death over, Duminy times one directly down the ground. Strikes the next one over mid-wicket for a six!FOUR! Duminy guides it through the point area for a limit. Much needed for South Africa.WICKET! Morris is run out, hits directly to midoff and chooses

to run, Tharanga needs to hit the stumps, and he does it quickly. Morris chooses 20 4! Duminy brings the scoop out and its perfectly carried out. Over brief great leg’s head for a

four.FOUR! Duminy gets an edge, and it races past the wicket-keeper for another boundary 4! Duminy opens the face of the bat to direct the ball past the wicket-keeper for a 4 FOUR! Morris times it through the covers, beats the inner ring and discovers the limit FOUR! Cut hard

by Morris, and it goes behind point for a limit. No chance for the third man fielder there.Not going inning accordance with the script for South Africa, they will be searching for some huge hits

from Morris & Duminy WICKET! Run Out! Amla chooses a fast double, but he looks to be way short here. Aleem Dar raises his finger without even

referring to third umpire. Amla was brief, despite a dive WICKET! Miller departs, he aims to go for the huge one, gets a leading edge

and is taken at 3rd male. Prassana takes the catch.100! Another ton for Amla, off 112 balls

. His 25th ODI Hundred. He will now be seeking to accelerate. No boundaries in the last number of overs for South Africa, as we start the last 10 overs of the innings.SIX! Millers boils down the track, and strikes it over the long off boundary.

Goes for the maximum.WICKET! Huge one, captain De Villiers departs. Prasanna gets the big wicket. De Villiers opts for the pull, however it & gets the edge and loops to

Kapugedera who takes an easy catch at brief cover.WICKET! Du Plessis goes for the pull, however short mid-wicket takes a very diving catch. He misses his heap-dismissed for 70. It was Chandimal who took the catch.FOUR!

Du Plessis cuts hard, and the point fielder dive, but he has no opportunity. Strike hard, and directly to the limit Just three runs coming from that over, great one

for Sri Lanka, bowled by Prasanna.FOUR! On the pads, and Amla strikes it over the in-field, and discovers the border behind

square leg.FOUR! Du Plessis strikes it over the sjort cover fielder to discover the limit. first one after beverages

break.It’s drinks here after 30 overs, and South Africa are comfortably placed at 163/1 South Africa happy with the singles

available from Sri Lanka, is this the calm before a specific De Villiers storm? 50! Du Plessis reaches his half century from just 52 balls. Been a busy innings from him.FOUR! Du Plessis pulls one

wide of mid-on, and to the mid-wicket boundary!SIX! Amla boils down the track, and hoinks it over mid-wicket for a huge one. Outstanding timing once again on that one 4! This time Du Plessis goes over the mid-wicket fielder, and discovers the limit. Smart cricket from him 4! Malinga is greeted with a boudnary by Amla, on the pads and that’s bad bowling

with fine upper hand. Amla just positions it to the boundary Malinga returns into the attack

. FOUR! Misfield at backward point, and the ball reaches the boundary. 3rd limit for

Amla 100 up for Proteas in the 22nd over. They have actually gradually got the run rate up, getting the 2nd 50 in just 47

balls.FOUR! Du Plessis sweeps and finds the square boundary. Great shot, both players beginning to step on the

gas a bit!SIX! Amla discusses the top, and times it completely. Straight over long off border DROPPED!! Du Plessis leading edges

one, and Malinga completely mis-judges it at the fine leg border, steps on the rope then steps forward and drops

it Du Plessis was batting on 8. Three runs from the very first over after beverages. Batsman fighting with their timing here 4! Width from Prasanna, and Amla suffices behind point for a boundary!WICKET! Nuwan Pradeep strikes

. excellent shipment. Going away from the bat, De Kock pokes at it, and gets a nick. Taken by Dickwell behind the stumps. De Kock

chooses 23 off 43 deliveries.A rather careful start from the South African openers, credit to Sri Lanka seamers too as they have kept things tight.Four: Leading shot from De Kock. It’s a full delivery

on his legs and he whips it previous mid on for a boundary. Boundary: Lakmal strays in line and Amla flicks him over the top for a wonderful four.

The bowlers have been supported by some quality fielding. This time Kapugedra dives to his left to stop a certain limit.

Both South African openers have hesitated to play the huge shots, hence they have only 27 on the board after 8 overs. Boundary: Lastly

De Kock gets one to the ropes. Short and broad from Malinga and the left-hander smashes that

one with ridicule. This is among the slowest starts that South Africa have got off to in recent times. No hits to the fence so far. Sri Lankan bowlers have been right on the loan.

No giveaways for the South Africans up until now. Simply 11 on the board after 4 overs. De Kock wrapped on the pads and Sri Lanka have gone for the review. It looks close! But it’s gone with the umpire’s call. Not out offered. De

Kock makes it through. Peaceful start from the South Africans. They have been extremely careful up until now. Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock are walking out to take strike. One of the finest opening mixes in contemporary cricket.

Mathews is said to have actually failed a late physical fitness Test. He could only bat and not bowl. Probably the factor why he pulled out of this encounter.

SL XI: Tharanga, Dickwella, K Mendis, Chandimal, K Perera, Kapugedera, A Gunaratne, S Prasanna, S Lakmal, N Pradeep

, L Malinga #CT 17 #SLvSA– Sri

Lanka Cricket (@OfficialSLC) June 3, 2017 SL Players will be wearing black arm bands as a mark of #respect for lives lost in widespread flooding

disaster in SL.< a href= > #SLvSA #CT 17– Sri Lanka Cricket(@OfficialSLC) June 3, 2017– Cricket South Africa(@OfficialCSA) June 3, 2017– Cricket South Africa(@OfficialCSA)< a href= > June 3, 2017 Sri Lanka have actually won the toss and elected to field. Here are the 2 teams: South Africa: Quinton de Kock (wicket-keeper)

, Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers( captain), David Miller, Jean-Paul

Duminy, Chris Morris, Wayne Parnell, Kagiso Rabada, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir Sri Lanka: Upul Tharanga(captain), Niroshan Dickwella(wicket-keeper),

Kusal Mendis, Dinesh Chandimal, Kusal Perera, Chamara Kapugedera, Asela Gunaratne, Seekkuge Prasanna, Suranga Lakmal, Nuwan Pradeep, Lasith Malinga Hey there

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