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How to Make Your Lip Color Last

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There are specific products that have makeup artists split down the middle– like primer. Some will inform you it’s a necessary preliminary step for keeping your face beat in tact, while others deem it unnecessary as long as you’ve moisturized. The notion of a “leading coat” for your lips is similarly divided. But when Matte Liquid Lipcolor in “Feels So Grand,” a deep real red. Full disclosure: In retrospection, I probably must have picked a formula with a little bit more slip– this things remains on like a tattoo. Still, when I pushed my lips versus a notepad, there was a visible transfer of color.For my 2nd test, I got rid of the lip color and reapplied it, this time sealing it in with a generous coat of the see-through gel top coat. I let it dry for a few minutes, without letting my upper and bottom lip touch, till there was zero shine. When I pushed my lips versus the paper again, there was zero-to-no transfer. In the hours that followed, I had a salad for lunch and sipped on an iced coffee, but neither truly put my lip cocktail to the test, so I decided to bring out the big guns i.e. made a journey to my preferred ramen bar for dinner. An oil bath for the lips, I was floored that regardless of slurping down every last bit of scorched orange broth and noodles, my intense red lip was still in tact. Normally, it ‘d be an unintended snogged lips situation.My main issue when providing the leading coat a go was that it would disrupt the wear on my lip color, possibly making it look more wonky than typical by the end of the day. And I will say, that after 10+ hours my lips looked quite dry and a little cracked with some ugly bits at the inner corners. Nevertheless, the color didn’t budge through the most trying and greasy of tests, so I was still satisfied. It wasn’t ideal, however it was solid.The Verdict If you’re a compulsive lip

color wearer, or perhaps a periodic one prone to smearing and ready to take the additional action, it’s a rewarding financial investment– simply not a * inexpensive * one considered that there’s just a percentage of product in each tube. If you’re completely unfavorable to extra steps or do not desire to spend the cash, your best option is discovering the right long-wear formula and adhering to that.Know Cosmetics No, My Lips Are Sealed Lipstick Topcoat,$25;

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