Mattis, Dunford issue warnings on the Hill; Fighting escalates in Ukraine; Baltics brace for giant Russian exercise; Carriers picked for drone tankers; and just a bit more…

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In a late-night hearing, Mattis and Dunford talk everything from the defense budget plan to the existing state of world affairs. Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford struck the House Armed Service Committee last evening seemingly to bullhorn the hazard of sequestration.

“No enemy in the field has actually done more to damage the combat preparedness of our military than sequestration,” Mattis ‘s tracker: of DoD’s 53 Senate-confirmed tasks, five are filled, 11 more nominated, and the rest empty.)On thealleged Russian release of IMF- breaching rockets: The U.S. is”seeking advice from NATO allies, “Mattis

stated.” We’re engaged on the effort … We will brief you quickly.”Dunford on Al Qaeda in Syria:”We do have a devoted campaign “against them. AQ is in the western part of the nation– which happens to be closer to where the majority of Assad and Putin‘s forces are focused. The U.S. military concentrate on the east, Dunford said, which is where ISIS is. Added Mattis, “The location of where [AQ fighters] remain in Syria makes them difficult to reach.”The United States would need to de-conflict even more with Russia.And on Russia, generally:”I do not see any sign that Mr. Putin would desire a positive relationship with us. That is not to say we cannot get there as we search for commonalities,”Mattis said.” However at this moment, he has actually opted to be competitive, a tactical competitor with us and we will need to handle that aswe see it. “More on that last topic from Reuters, here. From Defense One An alleged U.S. strike in Pakistan last night may have eliminated a crucial insurgent from the Haqqani network, Afghanistan’s Khaama news reports today.”A security authorities priced quote

by the Mashal Radio of Radio Liberty has actually said stated on June 13 that the commander, identified as Abubakar, passed away in an over night strike in the Speen Tal location of the Hangu district … located in when an Afghan army commando opened fire, in what’s known as a”green-on-blue” incident, inning accordance with US authorities. This is when members of the Afghan security forces turn their weapons on United States and other NATO soldiers who are training them and battling along their side. The Taliban declared duty for the attack saying that an ‘mole’had actually signed up with the Afghan army and assaulted the American soldiers, inning accordance with its spokesperson.”More here. U.S. soldiers supposedly killed three Afghan civilians after coming under attack in the very same eastern province, Nangarhar, that Saturday’s lethal blue-on-green attack happened, The Wall Street Journal reports from Kabul.” The civilians were shot dead in Ghani Khel district on Sunday, according to the provincial governor’s spokesman, Attaullah Khogyany. The U.S. military confirmed its forces had returned fire after coming underattack but said it had not officially heard of civilian casualties. “Story, here. The future of Afghanistan? Mattis likewise told legislators last night that he will pitch a”local technique “en route ahead in Afghanistan to President Trump”soon.”More from Reuters, here. The says combating is escalating in Ukraine, where the death toll is now a minimum of 10,090 “I’mjust here to see some friends and enjoy.”In other DPRK news, a North Korea drone crashed on South Korean soil after -25 AStingrayUAV refueling tankers are getting a provider home– two, in reality: The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower(CVN -69 )and USS George H.W. Bush (CVN -77), USNI News reported Monday.”The thisweekend.“Job researcher Zhao Yanjie was estimated as saying that large drone squadronscould become a disruptive force to”change the video game”in air fights … It allows the drones to coordinate flight paths to prevent accidents and to divide their labour to accomplish set objectives, such as browsing for a suspect automobile in the largest possible area within the fastest time, Zhao said.”Story,< a href= http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2097835/chinese-defence-firm-claims-drone-formation-world-record > here. Today: A must-see picture from West Mosul, Iraq, where fighting has become so extreme in current weeks that in some way an automobile managed to find its damaged self parked vertically(and apparently with fantastic force)versus a structure. Unless we’re mistaken, there may still be a window undamaged. Investigate for yourself, here.

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