More Than 130 Cats Seized, Euthanized Following Suspected Meth Lab Bust in Louisiana

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A recent meth laboratory bust by deputies in Louisiana resulted in 2 drug arrests and an unanticipated discovery.Lafourche Parish deputies

detained Sandy Chauvin and her two boys. (Credit: WGNO by means of CNN Wire )Sheriff Craig Webre says his deputies discovered

more than 130 felines when they were sent to a home last month, WGNO reported. They also found 7 dead cats and explain the living conditions as”really poor”with “a big quantity of feces “throughout the residence.It took animal control deputies numerous days to remove all the cats and bring them to the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter. Officials state all the felines were euthanized “due to their condition.” Lafourche Parish deputies detained Sandy Chauvin on Feb. 1 and booked her with animal cruelty and drug charges. She was released after posting$40,000 bond.The bust took place Friday, January 13, when deputies browsed your home in Houma after jailing Chauvin’s child, Nicholas Chauvin, for distribution of methamphetamine.Deputies state they discovered”tools and other products frequently related to the manufacture of methamphetamine”at the home as well as apprehended his sibling, Christian Chauvin, for drug charges.29.695229 -90.525782

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