Raghu Ram attends Roadies 8 finalist Mohit Saggar’s wedding in Ludhiana; see pics : Celebrity, News

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Raghu Ram attends Roadies 8 finalist Mohit Saggar’s wedding event in Ludhiana; see pictures

Raghu Ram participated in the wedding event with former Roadies candidate Suchit Vikram Singh.

Raghuram attended Mohit Saggars wedding in Ludhiana. Picture courtesy: Instagram/instraghu Raghuram attended Mohit Saggar’s wedding event in Ludhiana. Photo courtesy: Instagram/instraghu Recently the former Roadies candidates tied the knot in Ludhiana and their wedding was attended by none aside from previous Roadies host Raghu Ram. Raghu Ram and Suchit

Vikram Singh with the groom and bride. Photo courtesy: Instagram/suchit07 Mohit Saggar, who was a finalist in Roadies 8 and Roop Bhinder, who took part in Roadies 6, recently got married in Ludhiana. Though the two took part in various seasons of Roadies however most likely they were destined to fall in love. Raghu Ram in addition to Suchit Vikram Singh, who was also a Roadies 8 finalist along with Mohit, attended the wedding event. Mohit Saggar and Roop Bhinder look fantastic as a couple. Photo courtesy: Instagram/instraghu Raghu shared a lot of images of the couple with a note that said.”

They state’Faint heart never won Fair maiden’s hand ‘. But the hearts and minds of both Mohit and Roop were evaluated once again & again on Roadies. And they came out on leading whenever! Extremely pleased to see them together today & #RoadiesWedding. “Mohit and Roop make a gorgeous couple.< img src=http://media2.intoday.in/indiatoday/images/stories//2017April/roadies-mos4_042017060658.jpg align=left alt title > Raghu shared a video with Roop, who was a participant on Roadies 6. Picture courtesy: Instagram/instraghu Both Raghu and Suchit had a good time at the wedding and their Instagram pictures are evidence. Raghu likewise shared a pic with Suchit and Mohit, where Mohit is dressed up as a groom and captioned it, “I have actually been in a lot of bizarre situations with @mohitsaggar & @suchit07 for many years! You all have actually liked seeing them too. This is up there with the most unexpected! All the finest, & Mohit!! #RoadiesWedding.”If you have actually been an ardent fan of Roadies, you’ll understand exactly what he is speaking about.< img src =http://media2.intoday.in/indiatoday/images/stories//2017April/raodies-mos2_042017060658.jpg align =left alt title >

Raghu with Mohit and Suchit at the wedding. Picture courtesy: Instagram/instraghu

Congratulations to Mohit and Roop!



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