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Sleep on left side, drink water from copper vessel: How to fix indigestion naturally

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Swaryog advises having meals, consisting of spicy or warm food, with activation of best nostril. It assists in controlling extreme body acids produced due to food, therefore assisting in digestion process

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Here are some tips to assist make your digestive system stronger. (Shutterstock)

    Exercise helps keep your gastrointestinal system working smoothly. Is important to take a nap after every meal to soothe your gastrointestinal system. While taking the nap, you should first sleep on the left side for a long time and unwind for 10 minutes prior to hurrying for work, says an expert.Pramod Kulkarni, swaryog expert and founder of SwarYog Foundation, Mumbai, notes some suggestions: Attempt these for your much better digestive health.1 Swaryog advises having meals, consisting of spicy

    or warm food, with activation of ideal nostril. It helps in controlling excessive body acids produced due to food, thus assisting in digestion procedure.2 Having sweet or cold or frozen food dishes during activation of left nostril

    helps in harmonising the body fluids without interrupting the body temperature.3 It is suggested to sleep on the left side during the night due to the fact that the longer the right nostril

    is active during this duration, the better for food digestion and, for this reason, for general health. 4 Sit in Padmasana present for 10 minutes in morning. Concentrate on the Swadisthan Chakra– around navel

    . Do deep breathing through best nostril for 15 times. It assists in streamlining the digestion flow.5 Drinking water from copper vessel is recommended as it assists your body preserve its temperature level inning accordance with outside weather condition, hence,

    assisting one to feel invigorated and energetic throughout the day.6 One can practice this application daily after having lunch and dinner: Lie down directly on plain surface and inhale normal breathing pattern for eight times, then turn around to right side and breathe for 16 times then to left side and breathe for 32 times. This application assists to make your digestive system stronger and spread out the food particles uniformly throughout the system.

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