be the very first to discover evidence that home felines are exposed to the chemicals found in electronic devices and furniture.The scientists took blood samples from cats and collected dust in children’s spaces, adults’bed rooms and the living space.”By taking paired samples, we

have greater insight into the environment that the felines live in. Furthermore the cats in the research study spent the majority of their time indoors and therefore air and dust in the house is anticipated to contribute more than the outdoor environment”, states Jana Weiss at the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University.The chemicals, called brominated flame retardants, are included to fabrics, furniture, and electronic equipment to prevent the product from sparking, but they can be health dangers for cats.

“The brominated flame retardants that have actually been determined in cats are understood endocrine disruptors,” Weiss said.People do not

internalize the effects of the chemicals the exact same method felines do, as well as if you clean up a lot, felines can get dust on their fur.The research study did indicate some issue about these chemicals in children, however.There’s isn’t much individuals can do for their cats. Professionals recommend routine tests to catch issues early must they occur.(© 2017 KUSA )