Celebrities Who Haven’t Aged

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 28: Actress Sanaa Lathan arrives at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 28, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty

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Image by Getty Images Aging is a process that everyone experiences, though some people appear to be getting away the physical difficulties that include the process. These stars constantly influence us with not just their vibrant glow, but philosophy on what it means to welcome our au naturel selves.

  • Iman, 61

    / The iconic supermodel looks as stunning as she did when she first burglarized the industry. When it comes to aging, Iman says,” Never ever lie about your age. You have actually earned it.”< img src= http://cdn-img.essence.com/sites/default/files/1496423580/GettyImages-675686780.jpg alt=" Mel B, 42" data-pin-no-hover= true >


    The previous Spice Girl credits her radiant melanin and fit body to a rigorous diet plan and exercise program, once exposing, “‘ I do half an hour of cardio and 200 sit-ups 3 times a day.”

  • Oprah Winfrey, 63

    / Oprah is still controling the media and tv industry, and not letting age or preconception hold her back. “If you’re blessed enough to grow older, which is how I take a look at aging (I believe often of all the angels of 9/11 who won’t), there’s so much knowledge to be gotten from individuals who are celebrating the process with vibrancy and vigor and grace.”

  • Erika Alexander, 47.

    / Erika looks the like she performed in the 90’s when she played our first preferred” Max the Radical “on Living Single.

  • Halle Berry, 50

    / At half a century old, Halle still glows and sets the standards for Hollywood charm. The legend welcomes the aging procedure, once saying, “I simply have actually kept advising myself that charm really is as charm does, and it is not a lot about my physical self. Aging is natural, which’s going to happen to everybody.”

  • Diana Ross, 73.

    / The iconic singer is still striking the phase and carrying out with grace, class, and charm.

  • Kerry Washington, 40

    / The actress credits her youthful radiance to a loyal skin care regimen.” I have actually always understood the connection in between science and skin,” she when shared. “I’ve been seeing a skin doctor considering that I was six years old for eczema.”

  • The TV and film actress has been playing the roles of teenagers and twenty-somethings for about 20 years now.

    / 2017 Jason LaVeris< img src= http://cdn-img.essence.com/sites/default/files/1496423580/GettyImages-149242273.jpg alt =" Tia & Tamera Mowry, 38" data-pin-no-hover= true >/ These sis are just as fresh dealt with as they were when they appeared on their hit sitcom Sibling Sibling. Both sisters provide credit to a healthy diet plan and working out as a way to keep ideal health.

  • Elise Neal, 51.

    / The stunning starlet broke the web after she posted an image of her fit body in a bikini for her 50th birthday. After the picture went viral, she said “If I’m supposed to turn 50 and begin to shrivel up and pass away, I ‘d rather continue to exercise, dance and love life and enjoy life like I do than do that. It’s simply me.”

    Image by David Livingston

  • Naomi Campbell, 47

    / Famous supermodel Naomi Campbell still looks as flawless as the brand-new generation of supermodels, and credits her radiance to paying attention to her holistic health. “I look after myself, eat well, aim to stabilize what I put in my body. I keep away from sugar and beverage great deals of water.”

  • Angela Bassett, 58

    / The radiant appeal says a plant-based diet and everyday workout keep her

  • Tyra Banks 43


    shape.< img src= http://cdn-img.essence.com/sites/default/files/1496423580/GettyImages-681651976.jpg alt=" Tyra Banks 43" data-pin-no-hover =true >/ The renowned supermodel credits focus on skincare as the key to her youthful radiance. “I’m consumed with moisture. I’m not afraid of oils. I believe my obsession with moisturizing is one of the factors I’ve held onto not looking my age.”

  • Phylicia Rashad, 68

    / The famous starlet has been the embodiment of grace and beauty, and states that she approaches every day with love and gratitude. “It’s fascinating how you wander through things. Grace is always present, and there comes a time when you actually should be mindful of that presence and turn your face to it. Otherwise, you’re simply walking blindly through life.”

  • Tracee Ellis Ross, 44

    / The bubbling beauty has actually had a long career in Hollywood, and states she welcomes aging with open arms. “It does not matter if you do not like that I’m 40, or that I have wrinkles above the knee- I’m good. I own my cellulite and I own me.”

    Image by Kevin Tachman/amfAR2017

  • Nia Long, 46

    / We cannot think of someone who doesn’t have a crush on the relatively ageless star.

  • Joy Bryant, 42

    / The actress states that keeping a clean spiritual home is crucial to not just your mental health, however physical health also.

  • Jennifer Lopez, 47

    / Aside from remaining in optimal shape from dancing and working out, J.Lo also credits getting sleep to keeping her younger. “I attempt to constantly to obtain as much sleep as I can so that I can start the day well rested and do my morning meditation and affirmations.”

    Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

  • Garcelle Beauvais, 50

    / The multi-talented charm looks just the same as she did back on The Jamie Foxx Program.

    Picture by Emma McIntyre/Getty images

  • LisaRaye McCoy, 50

    / The Hollywood beauty has maintained her youthfulness through fitness and diet and states the secret to aging is to just welcome it. “It reveals our maturity. When you have someone that’s around that has knowledge that demands and has regard instantly.”

    Picture by J. Countess/Getty Images Portrait

  • Rachel True, 50

    / The actress states that paying particular attention to exactly what you put in your body and what you do to your body has actually played a significant role in her keeping fit and glowing. “Quality of food, hydration, workout, healthy gut bacteria, state of mind etc all factor into feeling great in your body.”

    Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Love is Louder

  • Queen Latifah, 47

    / The legendary rapper and actress took control her health back in the early ’00s, and has since credited diet plan and workout as the secret to durability.

  • Regina Hall, 46

    / Aside from sharing physical fitness and diet ideas on social media, Regina also credits getting the correct amount of rest and relaxation as essential to aging with dignity.

    Image by David Livingston

  • Adrienne Joi Johnson, 54

    / The previous Child Young boy star preserves her youthful energy and look by devoting time to exercise daily and consume tidy.

    Image by Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup

  • Tichina Arnold, 47

    / Tichina still looks that very same as she did when she played Pam in Martin, and shows no signs of aging soon.


  • Kimberly Elise, 50

    / Kimberly credits her vibrant radiance to attention to skin care and a tidy consuming diet.

  • Sanaa Lathan, 45.

    / The iconic actress has actually said that she devotes time to working out, consuming clean and meditating daily in order to keep her youthfulness.



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