Finally a VR developer gets it: we just need cats and champagne

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At the exact same time, Chocolate is a reminder that the medium can still be very, extremely weird and ridiculous. Chocolate is the current creation from Butts and two pieces from festivals past: Fabulous, a 2016 Sundance choice based on a Royal National Theatre production, and Playthings, a 2016 Tribeca choice by George Michael Brower– who Hurdsays he’s a fan of. Essentially, virtual truth directors have figured out that people like vibrant, surreal cuteness, and Hurd is a master of the form.What emotions are involved here?How can I actually attempt it?There’s no release date for Chocolate, however it’s most likely to come out sometime this year for high-end headsets like the HTC Vive, at an unannounced cost.

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