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the pop star on a new shoe line she’s launching next month. They describe the footwear as “uniquely loud and dynamic, “which judging by” The Margot, “which includes a Rubik’s Cube as the heel, that’s an understatement.

Here’s a couple of highlights from Perry’s interview about them:

It’s been a longtime dream of mine. I wanted to take it seriously and didn’t just desire to slap my name on something– I actually desired to get it. We’ll go to the next thing when the shoes themselves are accepted, not even if Katy Perry, the musical artist, does shoes however due to the fact that they stand on their own.I desired the collection to

be more of a feminine, enjoyable character, like Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster, however at a lower price point so it could be easily accessible. Now I comprehend why shoes are incredibly costly to make– from conceiving original heels, to having a little information or a fabric, or the way it’s sculpted. So we needed to figure that out first.Every f-cking day has a vacation to it, like National Kittycat

Day or National Doughnut Day. So why can’t my shoes have a theme? There’s a star and moon group called SOLEstial. Havana Great time came from a trip I took to Cuba with all my girlfriends and has 2 styles with a stogie heel. And we have Pump Up the Jam, which is a bit nineties-based. I’ve always tried to be as transparent as I can with my audience so that we can all sort of remain in this together. A few of the important things

that I did when I initially started I wouldn’t do now due to the fact that I have actually grown, I have actually discovered. In the beginning [people attempted] to put me in a box, but in time my story is actually informing itself, and I’m proud of that. I come from this incredibly sheltered [location] I so love my moms and dads, but I had to do a great deal of work to change my perspectives and to be open and to reword my story. You know, I’ve done the work … so I attempt and not bullshit myself. And I think my authenticity is permeating through everything.Are you purchasing the shoes or nah? Let us know in< a href=http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/forum/4-breaking-music-news-bmn/ target= _ blank > Exhale.Recommended for you M.I.A. Claims Beyonce, Madonna And Rihanna Takes Her Sound Iggy Azalea Wins GQ’s Lady of the Year:”I Can Lastly State I Have An Acclaimed Vagina” Bonnie McKee Basks In A Sea Of Colors In The “Easy”

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