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Stop Falling in Love, Start Rising in Love.

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Post by: Chandresh Bhardwaj, Founder of the Break the Standards Movement A few years back, I had a discussion with a good friend who remained in his late thirties. We talked about the weather, politics, and films, and then our discussion relied on love and relationships.

“So when are you getting married?” I asked him.

“I don’t understand,” he answered. “I’m searching for the perfect one, you know. Miss!”

Our conversation ended there and we went to dinner. Several years later, I faced him at a family function. The first thing I had to ask was, “Did you ever meet Miss Right?”

“I did!” he exclaimed. “She was whatever that I pictured she would be: gorgeous and perfect. Everything just felt so right.”

“Where is she?” I asked. I looked around curiously to aim to find her in the crowd. “When are you getting wed? Or did you currently get married?”

“Oh, we’re not wed,” he answered. “She stated no to my proposal. She was looking for her Mr. Right, and it wasn’t me.”

This story, which I shared in my book, “Break The Standards Movement” with the objective to awaken human awareness from its conditioned self. By drawing on ancient Eastern customs of healing, meditation, and transformation, Chandresh helps others awaken their inner selves and recognize their greatest capacity in this modern time. His bestseller book ‘ discuss questioning everything we believe we understand about divinity, relationships, sex, and death.The post Stop Falling in Love, Start Rising in Love. appeared initially on Mom Glow.

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